Skyfall Song and New Clip Revealed

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

With the new James Bond film Skyfall nearly upon us, MGM have kindly dropped fans a couple of nuggets to wet their appetites. Firstly, the new song, Skyfall, which is magnificently performed by the Grammy award-winning Adele, has been officially released.

Of course, the title tracks are one of the most iconic elements to the Bond franchise, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary today.

And, just like some of the films themselves, the songs don’t always quite work. In fact, one of the most disappointing aspects to the Daniel Craig films have been the songs, with Quantum of Solace’s Another Way To Die performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White being particularly uninspiring.

But, the producers seem to have realized that when it comes to the Bond song, traditional is best and that is exactly what Adele delivers.

Also, released online is a teaser clip showing Daniel Craig leaping from a digger onto a moving train. While his two previous two outings as Bond have been re-freshing, they have been scant on proper old-school stunts. But, this particular scene actually looks like it involves a stuntman, who are of course a dying breed in Hollywood these days.


The 23rd official Bond film Skyfall, which is directed by Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, will be released in theatres along with IMAX screenings on November 9th this year.

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