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It's a pleasure writing for doddleNEWS - I call upon my vast background in this crazy business and get to share with the loyal viewers! I'm a freelance HD audio/video technician by trade (I do it all, from write to shoot to DVD master) and a writer on several other platforms. My labor of love position is VP of my family's growing tutoring company. Reading is paramount and we're trying to help people improve their skills - then I can interest people in our areas and send them right here to Doddle to practice! In my spare time (what's that?), I'm Netflix and HuluPlus' new largest bandwidth consumers, and an amateur radio operator. Questions? Sure - email me at patrick at w4psj dot com!

The Death Of Winamp: Is The Llama’s BLEEP! About To GET Kicked?

Winamp logo

I feel like I'm writing an obituary today. Sadly I am. (Who got the llama joke?) AOL, parent company of Winamp creator Nullsoft, plans to put the iconic audio player and its mascot, the llama, to rest on December 20, 2013.  The petitions are out there and people are signing them, trying to save … [Read more...]

Gear: Renting vs. Buying For Your Next Project

Doddle News Rent vs Buy

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. (doddleNEWS) It's that time of year again. New projects have been in development, and some are ready to proceed with production. The Million Dollar Questions/Topics/Issues being hashed out right now: the gear to be used - cameras, lighting, audio, support. Rent for X … [Read more...]

No End Of The World Brings New Life To Forgotten NYC FM Signal

Logo for New 94.7 NASH-FM NYC

By Patrick Sammon, Jr.  (doddleNEWS) The world really DID end.  At least for one radio station owner who sold out to the greater good: commercial FM. Religious broadcasting company Family Stations patriarch/owner/preacher Harold Camping was not only wrong about the end of the world/the … [Read more...]

Adobe Premiere Pro 101: Titles And Rolling Credits Made Easy

Adobe Premiere Pro

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. (doddleNEWS) Abobe Premiere Pro fans: One of the most important components of any quality multimedia presentation is the titles and rolls.  Titles and rolls enable the creator of the media to convey information, regardless of content. Whether it's a simple credit roll or … [Read more...]

Satellite Radio: Your Thoughts On It?

SiriusXM Logo

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. (doddleNEWS) Food for thought, Doddle fans. This is a thread article for a change. I want to hear your opinions on something. Satellite radio and you. Your thoughts, please. Are you a subscriber?  If so, why?  Are your musical tastes served better here, or elsewhere? … [Read more...]

FCC TV-to-Wireless Spectrum Auctions To Be Completed By 2014

fcc logo

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. (doddleNEWS) Two things.  One, I should've been an engineer.  Two, this story should scare the hell out of every American who owns any electronic device that emits or receives a signal, from an AM/FM radio to the new iPhone 5, or if you're like me, an Amateur Radio "Ham" … [Read more...]

Adobe Premiere Pro 101: Audio, It’s Important As Video!

Exporting Stereo Track Into Two Mono Channels

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. OK, Adobe Premiere Pro fans. We've been talking video. Right now, I want to cover something just as important as your project video: Your project AUDIO.  If your work doesn't SOUND good, it also makes your work not LOOK good. How many videos have you come across rendered … [Read more...]

Adobe Premiere Pro 101: Three Easy SD-to-HD Upconvert Options [VIDEO]

sd to hd in premiere pro

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. We're now 3 years post-DTV conversion in the United States, when all full-powered and licensed TV stations were required to sign off their long standing analog signals and go digital-only. High Definition is the new video standard, and most raw footage today is shot in the … [Read more...]

Adobe Premiere Pro 101: Smart Video Exporting for the Web

Adobe Premiere Pro CS HD Project File 1

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. OK, let's face it, Adobe Premiere fans. We all need our rendered videos in some format with as little data loss and as high quality as possible, whether it be for online consumption, DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital download. Think famed engineer/musician/producer Alan Parsons … [Read more...]

Michael Dell, Personal Computer Mogul AND Broadcaster?

Michael Dell

By Patrick Sammon, Jr. (doddleNEWS) Since mid 2011, a company in the United States has been purchasing bankrupt television stations at fire sale prices in large markets such as Seattle, New York City, and San Francisco. OTA Broadcasting, LLC is a subsidiary of MSD Capital. OTA Broadcasting, LLC … [Read more...]