BIAS Software Unceremoniously Closes Shop

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

BIAS Software, maker of such pro audio grade apps as Peak and SoundSoap, has suddenly closed up shop and has ceased development of all products.  In addition, even though their initial announcement said otherwise, the Authorization Manager Server, which BIAS uses to verify installations of their software, is currently inoperable. That’s bad knews for sound engineers

“BIAS, Inc. has ceased operations. We would like to thank all the BIAS customers and friends for the opportunity to have served the audio community for over 16 amazing years.”  – BIAS Website

According to several interviews since their developer’s demise, BIAS founder and CEO Steve Berkley, cited employee conduct and “disruptive interpersonal relationships” had contributed to ending the 16 year run of company.   Berkley also says that such conduct and disruptions “contributed to a lack of sales and marketing effectiveness that was fatal to the company.”

That’s unfortunate.  And I think it doesn’t necessarily point to an employee per se, but maybe a partner or someone couldn’t be fired to remedy the situation.  One has to wonder if some unlawful activity was performed, like making off with the company funds or something.  It would seem to me that only that would force a company of BIAS stature to close it’s doors.

Sad to read about BIAS Peak biting the dust, having again just invested in an update that will no longer be supported. – “Scanner” on Storify

But regardless, it’s BIAS customers that are left out in the cold with no updates, no support, and no way to upgrade their hardware and reauthorize software they’ve already paid for.  But Berkley says they’re working to remedy that:

“Our products remain among the best in the industry, and we exploring various avenues that we hope will result in our customers still receiving the benefit of the products they have valued in the past.”

So if you’re planning on upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, you may either want to explore options away from BIAS products or simply wait until they’ve solved their problems before putting it on.  And Windows users, well, you’re okay for the near future.  Meanwhile, there’s a few alternatives:

Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools

iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner

Apple Logic Pro

Adobe Audition

Felt Tip Sound Studio

Amadeus Pro II

Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor

Twisted Wave

Steinberg WaveLab


and even the open source alternative Audacity, which recently underwent an upgrade with some new features that users have been clamoring to get.

Source: Mac Life and Storify

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