Sony Introduces Pixelcast, Cloud-Based Media Sharing Service

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS)

Sony Creative Software has introduced a new online media sharing service called Pixelcast, encouraging media collaboration between family and friends.

Sony Creative Software says, “Pixelcast encourages collaboration between friends and family with  videos, photos, and music to create a complete multimedia experience.”

Pixelcast was designed so friends and families could group photos and videos of events together.

Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software, said, “It’s not unusual for photos from a family event to become scattered across multiple social sites, computers, or even e-mails. Pixelcast offers a new solution by enabling users to interact and collaborate with one another to create jointly-produced albums, or experiences. Collaboration is only part of the fun. Pixelcast also ensures that photos and videos uploaded to an experience can only be accessed by someone who is invited to view, edit or contribute to it.”

Pixelcast calls each group of media an “experience,” allowing users to invite others to upload their  own photos, videos, etc. to the pixelcast website for inclusion in the same experience.   Users of the service can control who has access to the material, as well as who can make changes or additions.  The experiences can be viewed as albums, by date / time, or on a map.  Experiences are linkable on Facebook.

Pixelcast allows uploading of material through most web browsers.   Pixelcast also has editing tools for still pictures, including rotate, crop, exposure, white balance and red eye reduction.  Videos can be uploaded directly at, or directly from Sony Creative Software’s Movie Studio Platinum 12.


Accounts vary in price and functionality.  A Free account comes with 500mb of storage.  A Free account has a maximum image size of 1600×1200 pixels, video quality is low and medium-only, watermarked playback, and the number of experiences is limited to four.   A Plus account gives users full functionality, and includes 5GB of storage space.  Plus costs $49.00 per year.  A Premium account comes with 10GB of storage space.  A Premium account costs $69.00 per year.  Plus and Premium accounts have unlimited experiences, a max image size of 4095×4095 pixels, no watermark on playback, and low / Medium / High video quality settings.

Chaimson said, “We’re thrilled to introduce Pixelcast as a new service for our users to create unique experiences to share and  collaborate with friends and family. Check out the introductory video at for information on uploading and sharing to the Pixelcast cloud and, while you’re there, give the service a try by signing up for a free account.”

For more information, visit Pixelcast here.

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