Netflix Opens Up Downloading for Members to Watch Offline


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Recently, I flew to see family, and while waiting for my flight, I started catching up on Stranger Things on Netflix. Thanks to a surprisingly good free WiFi stream at the airport, I was able to get several episodes in. But then I would be several hours in the air, … [Read more...]

Sigourney Weaver on Avatar Sequels, Alien 5, and The Defenders


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Sigourney Weaver has had a wide ranging career. From battling Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise, to turning into a dog in Ghostbusters, she's been a bit of a go to for genre films and that hasn't stopped. Back in 2009, she co-starred in James Cameron's 3D smash … [Read more...]

Sony Releases the PXW-Z450 4K XDCAM


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Sony has just released the brand new professional PXW-Z450 4K XDCAM camera, which was announced back in April during NAB. Sony’s latest XDCAM shoulder-mount camcorder features the 2/3-type Exmor R CMOS sensor capable of delivering resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 in … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Jackie

Natalie Portman on the set of JACKIE. Photo by Stephanie Branchu. © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

As Jackie Kennedy flatly states to her interviewer in the eponymous Jackie: "A First Lady must always be ready to pack her suitcases. It's inevitable." By Kimberly Gadette (doddleNEWS When a reference is made to "November 1963," the event that immediately springs to mind is President John F. … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) While many critics didn't much care for Suicide Squad (read our review here), audiences loved it to the box office tune of $745 million-plus worldwide. But many agree the first part of the movie is best, the ending is weakest, and Jared Leto agrees with everyone … [Read more...]

Report: Bourne Writer Tony Gilroy Made Millions Off Rogue One Reshoots


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released in just a couple of weeks. Visual effects have been completed and delivered, and major reshoots wrapped up earlier this summer. At the time, it was being reported that the Rogue One reshoots could be replacing up to … [Read more...]

My RØDE Reel Competition 2017 Teased


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Promising a competition that is bigger than ever, RØDE has teased their 2017 My RØDE Reel short film competition. The 2017 version will offer more prizes, more categories, and even more films from over 88 countries around the world. … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Poster and Story Details Released


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) December is here. The goose is getting fat (does anyone really eat goose anymore?), and the Doctor Who Christmas Special is just around the corner. So is there any news about The Return of Doctor Mysterio that we haven't heard yet? Well, there's going to be a … [Read more...]

Universal Kicks Off The Mummy Promotion with Trailer Tease


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) I'm going to admit that I've been looking forward to the Universal Cinematic Monster Universe more than I had been the DC Extended Universe. I already know what a superhero universe looks like, so I've been more interested in seeing what a studio could do with … [Read more...]

GoPro Cuts Another 15% Of Jobs Amid KARMA Drone Recall


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) I had a feeling this would happen... Dealing with a slump in camera sales due to lower priced alternatives now flooding the market, GoPro was pinning their hopes on the successful launch of their KARMA Drone just before the holiday season. Now that the drone has been … [Read more...]

Interview: Kevin Conran of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) I've been a huge fan of director Kerry Conran's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow since it premiered in theaters back in 2004. I remember sitting down, and being blown away by it like I was watching something new birthed on to the big screen. I re-watch it … [Read more...]

Panasonic Moving Into Virtual Reality With Live 360-Degree Streaming Rig


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Panasonic is getting into the virtual reality / 360° video category with a new quad-4K camera prototype. Ut not only shoots live video in 360°, but stitches it together and streams it in real time. Could this be the future of live event broadcasting? … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) If there is one thing I can say about Manchester by the Sea is that it is probably one of the most honest film I've seen all year. You'll notice I didn't call it the best film of the year like most critics, and that's because for all of its virtues, it really isn't … [Read more...]

Universal Bringing Nintendo Attractions To Theme Parks

Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo will bring the fun of Nintendo games to life with expansive, highly themed environments to three Universal theme parks around the globe. Guests will enter a world of excitement where it will feel as if they are playing inside their favorite Nintendo games. The creative visionaries behind Nintendo’s legendary worlds and characters are working together with the creative teams behind Universal’s blockbuster theme park attractions. 

Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative, and Shigeru Miyamoto with Nintendo, Creator of Mario, shared details of the goal to bring the characters, action and adventure of Nintendo video games to life within Universal theme parks.

The new themed areas come as the result of a global partnership between Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo.  Universal theme parks create incredibly popular family entertainment experiences for millions of people based on compelling characters, stories and innovative technology.  Nintendo creates remarkable and imaginative worlds filled with captivating stories and beloved characters.

Each Universal theme park will announce details of its specific Nintendo areas.  The first such announcement will come soon.

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Mario and Luigi lovers rejoice! Universal Parks and Resorts are bringing attractions based on popular Nintendo video games to all parks. … [Read more...]

Sebastian Stan Receives his Own Captain America Shield


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) One of the enduring questions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been what happens when the Phase 1 actors retire? Will their roles be recast, will they just phase out the characters entirely, kill them off, or will new characters take up their mantle? In the … [Read more...]

Is The NFL Considering Dropping Thursday Night Football?


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Faced with a drop in ratings, and viewer complaints that short week games lower the quality of play on games, the NFL is considering ending its ten year experiment with Thursday Night Football. … [Read more...]