Screenereel is a new service offering online research and expert advice on every content acquisition issue for all media outlets. Scaleable solutions bring a professional edge to supplement production teams’ research efforts on any project needing to use footage, stills and audio not produced in house, whether it be stock or archive. The service will keep producers at every level both legal and creative in the use of any outside media.
A new service has been launched to deliver a scalable online advisory service to media clients needing to acquire content. It brings professional expertise to any acquisition of outside content – be it footage, stills or audio – covering stock as well as archive material. The service aims to keep producers clear of legal concerns at flexible rates to fit all budgets, leaving them free to concentrate on the creative angles to their work.
It’s easy enough to view content that might be needed for a production. Although YouTube only offers a wide shop window on what’s potentially available globally, it is ultimately just one window. There are a lot of other outlets and agencies but it is also ultimately only a front that delivers window-shopping. To obtain high quality material and clear its use, producers need expert help. Whereas at one time, film and picture researchers would have been engaged to do this job, now the need is for a much more flexible engagement of these services. Budgeting is becoming an ever more narrow tightrope walk across a widening gulf of possibilities, so the need for expert guidance in finding the best content and keeping legal by licensing it effectively, has never been greater. Screenereel can deliver a totally scaleable service to cover this piloting role, navigating through the potentially dangerous waters of copyright and licensing. Screenereel will source the content needed on a particular project – on time and on budget – and negotiate the contracts and technical challenges to bring it in. The service will also account for all usage in a project and report these details to the rights holder or licensing agency, supplying the client with a visual breakdown of the constituent parts of the production that have used outside material.
By scaling the effort according to the available funds and ambition of the project, Screenereel will save costs by steering producers away from expensive mistakes. The experience of the people behind the service – across the world – guarantees a coolly professional approach to an area that can at times resemble the wild west. With phenomena like YouTube, it might seem unnecessary to engage this kind of consultancy but the need for care as well as creative flair and tenacity in searching for the right content has never been greater. The gap left by the demise of production departments with clearly defined roles for all the crew has been met by an increasingly fragmented freelance contribution. Screenereel aims to bring some consistency back to the planet of acquired content.
Screenereel is run by a team of highly experienced content researchers so the service can be tailored closely to the diverse production needs of producers working at any level – from website to feature film, corporate communication to TV drama.
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