Analysts Believe Apple’s iTV is Now in Production for Holiday Release

iPad Mini also in deep production to ready for September release.

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Are you ready for Santa to bring you a new HDTV for Christmas or at least in time for the Super Bowl?  Word on the street (if by street, you mean Forbes) is that Apple is already deep into production on Steve Jobs’ swan song, the iTV, and it could be out just in time for the holidays.

“Recent data out of Sharp, Hon Hai and other specialty chemical and TV component suppliers support this,” Peter Misek writes.

Now there are some who hear from “credible sources inside a company”, some who have been fed disinformation, some who read tea leaves and some who just plain make stuff up.  And then there’s Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who looks at profit projections and parts order forms from supplying companies that are positioned to provide parts for production of Apple Products.  Misek has found that Sharp, Hon Hai (aka FoxConn in Taiwan) and other TV component suppliers have been reporting the kind of parts deliveries that can only point to Apple being in full production on an HDTV.  One such example is the company JDSU, who makes the gesture control modules for the Microsoft Xbox Kinect.  JDSU has reported that they have a new “living room” based customer.

“Hon Hai Precision expects to start receiving LCD TV panel orders from Sharp in 3Q12 instead of 4Q12 as was originally planned,” White wrote in a note to clients on Thursday. “Recall, Hon Hai invested in Sharp earlier this year to secure LCD panels that we believe will largely support a new Apple TV.”

Now that doesn’t cement that it’s for the iTV, but when you couple that detail with the story we published last week that Apple has a mutual patent deal with Microsoft to produce non-cloned products, it certainly does make you stroke your chin and go “hmmmm.”  Then there’s Misek’s contention that Apple will leverage AT&T‘s and Verizon content deals for the iTV.  That would be right in line with Apple’s activity to sew up content with cable providers for the AppleTV.

In addition, Misek says that the same data shows that Apple will have the largest iPhone launch in company history for the second year in a row.   His data shows that Cupertino will have 15 million iPhone 5s ready to ship by their rumored announcements on September 12th, with more than 80 million units ready for the holiday shopping season.

And he also believes that Apple will launch the iPad “Mini” and that component sales and supply parts data shows that Cupertino is on track to have 25 million iPad Mini’s ready to ship by September, and 30 million more ready for the holidays.  With a record iPhone 5 launch, supported by the iPad Mini, and a projected potential of the iTV, Apple’s stock looks to rise by nearly $65-100 a share with fourth quarter sales projected to be nearly $8 BILLION if the iTV becomes a reality this year, instead of in 2014, as was reported to be the outside of the launch window.  As a result, analysts are projecting a very merry Christmas for Tim Cook and his Silicon Valley posse.

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