Canon 5D Mk III X announcement date and specs confirmed, plus …

By James DeRuvo (DoddleNEWS)

Looks like we finally have an announcement date on the Canon 5D Mk. III (X) …ish.  According to, Canon will announce the follow-up to the ground breaking Mk. II next week, either February 27 or 28.  But that’s not all.  We have confirmed the specs, and news of an upcoming T4i.

UPDATE: according to The Digital Visual, the Canon 5D Mk. III (X) announcement has been moved to March 2.

Before I get to the T4i news, let’s remind everyone of the specs for the Canon 5D Mk. III or X or whatever they’re calling it  –

  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD

Frankly, if these specs bear out, I’m not impressed.  The 5D Mk. II shoots 21 MP.  Sure, the Mk. III (X) adds a serious upgrade in autofocus capability, with 61 pt. AF, while the Mk. II only has 9 user points + 6 assist points, but really?  Is that enough to sell your Mk. II body?  I do like the dual card slot option, though.   But I’m just not seeing enough ground breaking features to say “oh man, gotta have it!”  The only killer feature that would cause me to dive in with both feet is if Canon dropped in 4K video or uncompressed HDMI out (the later being a feature of the Canon 1Dx).  Canon has already announced back in November that they were developing EOS Movie DSLR with 24mp and 4K video.  Could that be Mk. III (X) in disguise?  The EOS Movie will be full frame.  Or will this be just another category camera to fragment the HDSLR audience with?   CanonRumor’s sources seem pretty rock solid, and the specs haven’t changed much in over time, so I’d have to say no.  But still, Canon could surprise us.

In the end, baring the addition of 4K, the only legit saving grace we can rely on at this point is that with a new Mk. III (X) coming out, prices will drop on the Mk. II and many will bite on the hype and sell their Mk. II rigs on eBay, making great deals to be had for shoestring indie film types looking to nab a premium HDSLR.  So we got that going for us.

Now onto the T4i news…

Seems like only yesterday that the T3i came out and low budget youtubers were trading in their t2is for it.  But Moore’s law is probably gathering steam because Canon is now talking about the next Digital Rebel – the T4i.  No word on specs just yet, but the word is that March 2nd will be the announcement date, with Press invitations going out (hey, where’s mine?).  But even though we don’t have solid specs yet, we can speculate a bit based on the improvement from the T2i to the T3i.  Which isn’t much.  The T3i has an articulated LCD screen that’s adjustable.  A nice feature for shooters looking at odd angles.   Even money that Canon keeps that.   And the wireless remote feature.  That’s nice.  The T3i also added what I can only assume is a whistle and bell with a video snapshot feature of small clips that can be assembled in camera.  But I can’t see much value in that.

But for the T3i there was no MP boost at all, nor improvement of ISO range. So the T4i will likely have to increase the MP a little, and some rumors say it may be as high as 24mp.  But that  may be problematic since it’s already a cropped APS-C censor to begin with.  But an upgraded DIGIC V processor will certainly help on that front.   The one solid feature we do know is  that it will be sold with a super quiet EF-S 18-135 lens with a silent autofocus motor.

Keep an eye out though.  With a rumored announcement so close, we’re sure to learn more about specs before then.



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  1. skidmore says:

    re: APS-C cropping, for people looking to replicate the look of film from a lens/field-of-view perspective, the cropped sensors are preferred.

    check out my buddy’s article linked here:

    and be sure and read David’s comments at the bottom of that post as well as the linked article.