Canon Working on Mirrorless Camera with APS-C Size Censor

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

They say that in the fashion world, color is the new black.  But in photography, the new black is MIRRORLESS, and it’s not that tiny micro four thirds job that Olympus and Pentax are pushing either.  We’re talking APS-C sized censors and full 1080p video.  That’s the latest speculation by Canon watchers who are hoping that Lake Success will be revealing one … and really soon.


An mirrorless design with a 7D sized APS-C censor.  That’s what all the rumor sites are saying, and it’s about time.  Sony’s NEX 5N has an APS-C censor and since that’s really Canon’s only competition, it makes sense they’d take the dive and go APS-C for the compact camera that will sport interchangeable lenses.


The move to APS-C not only gives the camera the ability to shoot Super35 aspect ratios, but it will also enable Canon to use existing EFS lenses through an adapter (since the mirrorless Canon may introduce yet another new lens mount design requiring the adapter), and also take advantage of their new ultra quiet pancake design.

Additionally, the APS-C size will further support the 18mp processoor chip from the Rebel T4i that Canon is rumored to be putting in as well.  That will give the mirrorless camera a lot of bang for it’s compact nature.   Lastly, Canon watchers believing that the mirrorless camera (which has yet to get a designation) will have a pull out articulating screen.

I have to say I’ve been waiting for this and really hope it marks the beginning of the end for the tiny CCD size chips that are put in at least higher level point and shoots.  It would be utterly impractical and too pricey to put a full frame sensor in an automatic camera, but APS-C censors across the board will give Canon a further leg up in the mid level categories.

But for the mirrorless design, tossing in the ability to use Canon glass and not have to reinvest in yet another line of lenses is good enough reason to expect that the APS-C rumor is legit. And with shooters designing their own camera rigs to provide additional functions like HDMI and fan cooling, who knows how the Canon mirrorless design could take advantage and become a serious no budget filmmaking contender?

We’ll know soon enough, however, as Canon has a product announcement scheduled for July 23, and many are expecting this is what it’s all about.

Source: CanonWatch

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