Kinefinity Dives Into the Sub $10K 2K Category with KineRAW

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

One thing is certain, the price of 2K and 4K cameras are dropping like a rock every time a new camera enters into the market.  This time, it’s the Kinefinity KineRAW, which offers 2K RAW resolution from a Super 35mm sized CMOS sensor.

KineRAW-S35 is a Super35mm sized CMOS sensor camera with outstanding low light performance for HD use as well as for making DCP for projection in modern digital movie theatres where signal to noise ratio under difficult lighting conditions is very important. The useful EI/ISO range is quite wide rangefor normal noise levels and higher for somewhat higher noise levels. The sensor gives a wide dynamic range allowing shooting of contrast ratios that previous video cameras in its price range could have had real difficulty holding onto with its level of finished image quality. –

Features of the KineRAW S35 are:

  • Super 35mm sized CMOS sensor
  • Dual raw recording, uncompressed 12bit linear cinemaDNG (800Mbps) or 10bit log90 GoPro Cineform RAW (100Mbps), uses regular 2.5 inch SSD or HDD (shoot and dump)
  • KineRAW Mags offer guaranteed cinemaDNG speeds, but aren’t necessarily required
  • 4K Sensor (2K recording)
  • 2K 1-24fps, 1080p 1-30fps, 720p 1-60fps. (Not yet finalized)
  • ISO 800 – 10,000 with minimal noise
  • 12-stops of Dynamic Range
  • Interchangeable lens mount, supports PL (standard), Canon EF, Nikon F, OCT-19
  • PL mount version 280mm*135mm*155mm, approx. 4kg.
  • Price: around $6,000

Like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, the KineRaw 35 records to SSD drives (the proprietary KineMag SSD) at full sensor bandwidth when using the DNG frame recording method.  This eliminates the need for an external recorder which would bog down shooting and add extra expense and weight for location shooting.

The KineRaw S35 supports Panavision’s PL mount lenses made for the Super35mm sensor, but the website hints that the mount may be changeable to other mounts, especially those used on DSLRs.  That means possible support for Canon and Nikon lenses as well.  “For those on a budget, other lenses made for DSLR can give good HD or DCP results when used near their prime stop,” says the website.  “Compensation for lens aberrations in the de-Bayer processing of the DNG frames can improve the results from lenses of less that perfect design.”

I think it’s interesting that it uses the Super35 censor that seems to be the standard go to chip of the sub $10K category.  And also the specs call it a 4K chip, but that it records at half that to give the the image 2,000 lines of resolution.  And the video below says there’s way more in the tank for the chip and that not only is 4K possible in a future model, but there are plans for a 4K upgrade path for those who buy the 2K camera.

And according to camera man Dan Hudgins, it’s important to be sure to have Cineform ™ codec and the 3D-LUT for color correction after capturing and viewing in Quicktime.  “The 3D-LUT are mated to the ISO and K value used when shooting,” says Hudgins, “so (the codecs) need to be installed for the clips … to play with the right “one light” color correction … so graded results would look better.”

The KineRaw S35 will debut later this year in China for $6,000 (body online), followed by worldwide distribution at a later date.

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  1. Dan Hudgins says:

    Just got word about the booth number where history will be made:

    BIRTV2012, Aug 22nd~25th, KineRAW-S35 ™ is at booth number is 2B222

    Get your priceline worked out…

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