Lavish Home Theater Would Make Bruce Wayne Jealous

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

What has largely been lost with home theater units is that feeling of going somewhere to be told a story. Back in the golden age of Hollywood, theaters were called “Movie Palaces,” lavish halls with large screens, gold trim and stunning architecture.  Then, with the advent of the multiplex, the Palace began to look more like pre-fab housing.  And when the home theater movement began to gain speed, the focus was on technology for the home, but not necessarily where you’re watching your favorite films.  But some with money to burn are putting that movie palace feeling in their dens and living rooms and are showing them off online for all of us to drool over. Check out this ‘Bat Cave theater,’ which I’m pretty sure would make Bruce Wayne jealous.

For this month’s “Theater of the Month”, we bring you our newest concept, the Dark Knight Theater. Our goal was to fuse together the cozy elements of Wayne Manor, with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City.  – Elite Home Theater Seating

Inspired by the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy starring Christian Bale, this 12,000 square foot home theater was  partially designed by Elite Home Theater Seating, which showcased it as part of their “home theater of the month” segment.  Elite provided technical guidance and also provided the seating for this Batcave home theatre which has brooding art deco style of Gotham City (complete with intimidating gargoyles perched near the ceiling), and coupled with some serious Batman replicas that include a half dozen bat suits, a replica of the Tumbler (hidden in a side room behind a book shelf and sporting it’s own cave entrance) , a 180″ film screen, and in a nod to the original series staring Adam West, there is a bust of William Shakespeare which has a button that triggers the theater’s elevator doors.

But my favorite part is the fireplace, which gives the room a warm ambience and can double as lighting to get around. The BatTheater seats fifteen  in plush, reclining leather back chairs and a BatComputer which also doubles as the home theater equipment.

Elite has worked on some similar BatCave Theaters, but none to detailed and epic as this Nolanized version.  And they’ve also created some pretty crazy designed based on Pirates of the Caribbean as well.  And each seat is custom fitted with a Crowson TES 100 (Tactile Sound Effects System), which makes causes each seat to feel the noise.  Cost for the hole in home Bruce Wayne experience … $2 Million Dollars.  And for that kind of money, who can blame the owner for requiring a fingerprint scan to gain access!

I’ve seen other wild home theaters out there as well, including one’s based on Star Wars, the bridge of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, and even an elegant, Victorian design that makes guests believe they’re watching Titanic from the deck of the doomed ship itself.  But another favorite is the Egyptian themed Indiana Jones home theater (see the image below) which looks like Indy just left with the Lost Ark.  With a theater like this at home, why would you ever deal with the crowds and ads at a theater multiplex?!


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