NAB 2012: Shane Hurlbut Releases The First Short Film Shot On the Canon 1DC And It’s Gorgeous!

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

UPDATE: Check out our doddleTALKS Tech with Shane Hurlbut here!

One of our favorite shooters is Shane Hurlbut.  We like him because he’s all in with HDSLR filmmaking and that passion and commitment really shows in the films he makes, and in what he can get out of the DSLR platform.  He created a truly cinematic look with ACT OF VALOR and the Canon 5D Mk. II, and now he’s back showing us just how amazing the Canon 1D-C looks.  You’ve never seen 4K look so good.

When the camera was delivered to Hurlbut Visuals, my Elite Team and I sent it through various tests, using what we had learned from our collective experience with the Canon 5D MK II. After the first night of testing, one word came to mind. WOW!!! – Shane Hurlbut, Hurlblog

The film he shot was with the Canon EOS Cinema 1D-C and is called “THE TICKET,” and it tells the story of a young couple who were just involved in an accident. It starts with the young man waiting in the hospital, and his girlfriend comes out of the emergency room, none the worse for wear.  And since it’s her birthday, he’s going to make sure she gets what she wants, a ride on the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier.  But they only have an hour before it closes.

When you harness 4K into the small footprint of a 1D, give it the processing power to record to little CF cards with no external recording devices needed, then deliver an image that crushes the F65, Epic, Alexa in one fell swoop. Now that is where the WOW factor comes in.

The whole short is a series a quick cuts as they try to make it to the pier in time.  We seem some absolutely amazing colors and some stunning detail.  From the subtle light reflecting off a blue evening gown they see in a store front window, to the cracks and wrinkles in the old Ferris wheel operator’s face, to the rack focused color lights we see drive by in a cab scene, you senses are just assaulted with color and you think you’re right there.

Hurlbut says that Canon has gone beyond digital filmmaking and has managed to truly create film in digital form.  It shows in the skin tones, in the gentle sloping contrast ratios, and in Canon Log provides a dynamic range of 12.5 stops at ISO 400.   “It records 23.98 at 4K at a size bigger than super 35,” says Hurlbut, “which gives you a shallower depth of field.”

Hurlbut goes on to say that the APS-H censor performs like the full frame censor of the 5D.  “Rolling shutter was less apparent. Moire did not exist.”  That’s a lot of bang for the buck.   And as for the fact that the 1D-C records in 8bit color?  Well, Shane isn’t concerned at all. “I could care less that it is 8 BIT color … Canon’s 8 BIT feels like 12 BIT with its color space and reproduction.”

And once you see “The Ticket,” you’re bound to agree with him.  And for a $15,000 price tag, I’m saying it’s worth every penny!  Read more of Shane’s thoughts as well as viewing “The Ticket” on the Canon 1D-C here.


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