New iPhone Pre-orders to Begin September 12

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Back in July, we reported that the new iPhone/iPhone 5 would be announced in early September, with it’s shipping date about 9 days later.  Well, that looks to be largely confirmed as September 12 will be the day that Apple will begin taking orders for the new iPhone, and perhaps the 7.86″ iPad.

We’ve since learned that iPhone 5 pre-orders are currently planned to begin that same day, at least in the U.S. Release is still planned for 9 days later, on September 21, 2012. – iMore

iMore is the source and they seem to be doubling down on their prediction of a September 12th announcement by saying that Apple will be taking preorders the same day.  And since they nailed the New iPad launch date, it has a lot of weight.  But the report comes also gets support from word that AT&T has rescheduled a regional staff training retreat to allow for a “huge announcement taking place in September.”  That sure sounds like iPhone/iPad news to me.

(Editor’s note: it’s also being reported that after Sprint dropped the 16 GB iPhone 4S to $149, and now they’re offering a $100 American Express gift card via mail-in rebate, making it $49. Apple will match the prices if you mention it to them, and you’ll get a $100 Apple credit. Not only is this a good deal, but a good way to get rid of iPhone 4S stock.)

Another interesting tidbit, however, is that iMore also says that the September 12th date may be a US only date, meaning that for the iPhone 5, there won’t be an international roll out like there was with the iPhone 4S.  iMore says that a second international wave of iPhone launches will occur a month later, perhaps on October 5.

And there may be good reason for the phased roll out … SIRI.  With the current glut of Siri obsessed iOS users, and then adding to that users of the new iPhone and likely the iPad mini, there’s certain to be a huge load on Siri’s servers.  In addition, Apple will likely launch iOS 6 which will have it’s own share of activity as well with new mapping utilities and more.  So limiting the initial launch to the US for the first few months, will give Apple teams the ability to work out kinks in server traffic.

And the iPad Mini may also be launched on the 12th and available immediately, according to BGR.  That would certainly make for some excitement, but would it eclipse the new iPhone’s glory at the same time?  It’s rather odd because the Holiday season window is coming pretty fast.  It may also be that iPhone will come September 12th, iPad mini coming October 5th and the “sources” just mixed up the details as it was leaked from one site to another.  So we’ll just have to see and be ready when it happens.  And that really seems to be the only sure thing … is that it will happen.

That, and the new iPhone will have a taller, slightly wider screen, a more powerful chip and certainly 4G/LTE support.  There’s also talk that the new design will support the first unibody iPhone, making it all metal in the back.  And then there’s that dreaded 19 pin connector which will render user’s third party accessories useless until an adapter come out.  Imagine having an iPad already, but you want a smaller one to take along with you in your purse.  Now you have two connectors.  What a pain.  And even then, you can expect eBay and Gazelle to get a ton of thirty pin traffic come the holidays.

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