New Mac Pro Announcment Heavily Rumored Amoungst Others For WWDC 2012

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

We should’ve known that it was only a matter of time before the Cupertino Rumormill would kick into high gear, especially with the Apple WorldWide Development conference coming next week.  And the “credible” the rumors are saying that the professional editing platform’s demise is greatly exaggerated.  Here’s what they’re saying about a new Mac Pro coming next week, plus other goodies Apple is looking to announce …

If the rumors are true then post houses can now budget for new computers.  Resellers now will have an idea of which systems to push. Graphic houses will know which operating system to buy software for.  Hopefully Apple realizes how their silence holds up the entire ecosystem that is tied to these workstations. – Lou Borella, We Want A New Mac Pro Facebook Page

It’s been over two years since Apple updated the Mac Pro platform.  And as we reported last week, the natives were feeling restless about the fate of their beloved editing platform of choice.  But has it been more of a case of much ado about nothing or did those wanting to pressure Cupertino to make a statement about the Mac Pro’s fate have a point?  Usually, Apple has an off year update cycle, where they have major upgrades one year, and then minor updates the next.  But it could be that Apple was merely biding it’s time until the more powerful Xeon came out.  Now that those more powerful chips are hitting the market, it would only make sense that Apple would kick production of a new pro platform into high gear, especially considering that OSX Mountain Lion will also be announced.  What will the new Pro platform look like?

Here’s a brief summary of the convention wisdom:

  • Xeon E5 chips
  • Faster internal connections
  • Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports
  • rumored “rackable and stackable” design that’s smaller and can intergrate into existing server racks
  • OSX Mountain Lion

The rumor mill also believe that the new design will be shorter and thinner.  There’s also evidence that Apple is starting to pull existing Mac pro stock and releasing product numbers to retail stores for four separate Mac Pro products.  That’s good news.

But there’s also news that Apple will be updating the MacBook Pro, as well, with features like Ivy Bridge chipsets, faster NVidia graphics cards to drive a new high-definition retina display, and solid state drives standard.   The retina display may be a stretch though, at least in the basic configuration.  It may be that Apple will offer it as an optional upgrade.  But since the new iPad has a retina platform, it wouldn’t be that far a stretch to think of Apple moving that option towards its high-end laptops sooner or later.   And that may also work it’s way down to the ultra think MacAir as well, especially considering that competing Ultrabooks are already pushing towards the IvyBridge platform.

What’s left out in the cold?  Well, there’s no talk of boosting the iMac just yet and it seems like the Mac Mini is always one stop away from being on the chopping block.  But both of those are consumer driven items, so that isn’t going to upset the professional apple cart too much.  And regardless of all the speculation, it’s important to remember that this is all RUMOR. And as Tim Cook recently said, Apple has doubled it’s efforts to maintain secrecy of late.  So at the end of the day, we won’t truly know with 100% confidence until he takes to the stage at the Moscone Center and tells us the details this coming Monday.

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