RED Announces Epic Price Reduction On Proprietary SSDs

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

RED rig owners rejoice! REDMAG SSD drive costs are being dramatically reduced effective July 17th.  The new prices amount to between 23 and 30 percent decrease over existing prices. The price reduction is due to reduced costs in RED’s raw stock SSD drives, prompting the company to “share the wealth.” In addition, RED is also announcing a larger, 512GB RED Mag, which will go on sale at the same time. Let’s take a look…

Prices for REDMAG SSDs will be dropping as follows:

  • 64Gb –   $725 (formerly $950)
  • 128GB – $1250 (formerly $1800)
  • 256GB – $2450 (formerly $3200)
  • 512GB –  $3900

In addition to the price reductions, which pertain to REDMAGs for both Epic and Scarlet cameras, RED is also working on a smaller 32GB SSD for the Scarlet platform which was announced at NAB in April.  But users may have missed that announcement since most of the hullaballoo went to the RED Dragon 6K Upgrade announcement.   Sadly, the 32GB cards for the Scarlet aren’t ready for prime time just yet.  But the 512GB cards, which is considered the flagship of the new Turbo line, are and they’ve been designed for far faster offload times and lower compression at faster write times.   Here’s a breakdown of the write speeds for the REDMAG Turbo specification:

Turbo REDMAG Build 3.3 5K WS vs. Original REDMAG for 5K WS:

  • 24 – 3:1 vs. 24 – 3:1
  • 30 – 3:1 vs. 30 – 3:1
  • 48 – 5:1 vs. 48 – 5:1
  • 60 – 6:1 vs. 60 – 6:1
  • 96 – 9:1 vs. 96 – 10:1
  • 120 – 11:1 vs. 120 – 12:1

Back to the prices for a moment.  While these price reductions are dramatic (and some believe pretty permanent since RED is moving to the above TURBO specification), Jarred Land is hedging his bets …

Market pricing can be a dangerous game to play… sometimes things don’t make sense. Shortages or overages can dramatically change pricing on some chips and not others overnight. Moores law gets a bit twisted. I guess I should go back and say ” Temporary” price reduction on the original post. – Jarred Land of RED, RED User Forums

SO, even though the price drop is pretty substantial, even Land acknowledges that they may be by means permanent.  Changes in market pricing, component availability, and even acts of God can have a sudden and dramatic effect on availability and prices.  We saw that during the tsunamis all around Asia the last few years which prompted the shut down of manufacturing plants for companies like Nikon and rising prices until they recovered from the disaster.  So Land is wise to make the caviat that these price drops are likely to be temporary.

But it’s also a crafty bit of marketing on Land’s part, trying to encourage customers to “strike while the iron is hot,” and take advantage of the price drops sooner, rather than later.  And with Scarlet users still waiting on that 32GB REDMAG, it kinda makes one wonder if they really don’t want to release it.  I mean, shouldn’t it be out before the new TURBO drives?  I’ll have to do some further digging on that, but in the meantime, when the 17th comes, take Land’s advice and strike while the iron is hot!

Source: NFS

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