RED Drops Another Bomb with News of RED Ray Distribution Network

RED partners for 4K content distribution

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

There’s not doubt that RED is the king of the bombshell announcements coming out of the blue.  ately, we’ve seen the announcement of a sudden sale on “battle tested” Scarlet rigs, then the shocking news last week of permanent price drops of up to 50% on RED Cameras, and now RED is letting fly the news that they’re getting into the distribution business for 4K content.

And then there is REDRAY… the crown jewel of 4K content delivery.  Next month we start shipping 4k REDRAY players to alot of new eyeballs.. consumers and professionals alike.. and they are going to want the same thing… 4K content.  For REDRAY we have partnered with one of the most innovative content distribution companies that both content owners and viewers have ever seen…and we built it right into REDray. – Jared Land, RED User Forums

You kinda figure that RED would be targeting the professional market with the RED RAY player, but it’s also plain that RED wants to set a new standard in the consumer market as well, positioning themselves to be ready to strike once prices of 4K LCDs drop enough for the market to begin to get saturated.

And as is often the case with Jannard and company, they aren’t content to just put their stuff out there and let the market either adopt it or not.  They’re going to create their own market by joining forces with a distribution network for 4K content that will drive sales of the RED RAY player as well.  And by the sounds of it, the network will be built into the player, so that means it’ll have to be a streaming network (Netflix or Vudu, perhaps?).

And that’s where things will get tricky.  Because 4K will burn through existing bandwidth caps like Sherman rolling through Atlanta.   Most ISPs have a cap of about 250GB a month.  That’s OK for watching Netflix now.  But with 4K content, that’ll be gone in less than a week.  And that means that ISPs will have to increase caps or rates.    But even ISPs will have to keep up as resolution gets better and more content goes to the larger resolution format, and the Consumer Electronics Association begins it’s 4K Push.  And as Land has stated, they may not have much choice:

The Consumer Electronics Association has finally laid down the UHD 4K rules for Displays… and they don’t take kindly to anything below 3840 x 2160.. In fact.. they don’t allow it.

Which is why RED’s getting ahead of the power curve by shipping their RED RAY players next month is so key.  It’ll be downright prescient when there’s dozens of 4K HDTV announcements at CES in Vegas come January.   But that’s down the road.  Initially, it’s likely that REDRAY will get adaptation from theaters that seek to have a premium projection option to charge more to tickets.  Course, they’ll need 4K projectors to do so, but that’s just detail work.

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