Sharp shows off 8K as part of their 4K Television lineup at CES

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

This year at CES, TV manufacturers are showing off 4K televisions.  But one TV maker is leapfrogging the 4K hype and is showing off a new 85″ 8K LCD.  Known as Super Hi-Vision TV, the Sharp 8K LCD has a resolution of 7,630 by 4,320 pixels, or 16 times the resolution of current high definition TVs.


“The products we are showcasing demonstrate Sharp’s passion for creating innovative technologies that exceed consumers’ expectations,” said John Herrington, president of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “From large screen televisions to interactive touchscreen displays to the latest in solar technology, the products on display are designed to enhance people’s lives at home, work, and everywhere in between.”

According to Jeff leopold, of Sharp, the 8K resolution provides a measure of depth, immersiveness and crystal clear sharpness that mimics 3D. Now, unfortunately, 8K technology is only in the prototype stage and won’t be affordably available to the public until around 2020. The main issue is that there simply isn’t any content in 8k. Hell, there isn’t hardly any content available in 4K, which is the flavor of CES this year for televisions. But with more companies putting out 4K cameras, and with Hollywood embracing the 4K standard, 4K content will be catching up in 2012 and beyond.

4K offers 4 times the resolution and clarity of HD, and RED has begin shipping 4K cameras in their new RED Scarlet.  And JVC announced a consumer grade 4K camcorder at CES this year which will ship for $4995 in March.  Sharp says that while 8K is still about 8 years away, they’ve got plenty of 4K sets to keep videophiles busy.  Over the next 90 days, Sharp will be announcing 17 4K LCDs, including 80-inch LCD TV, with LED back-lighting.   In addition, Sharp is announcing their new ICC technology.  ICC stands for Integrated Cognitive Creation and promises a clearer, more lifelike image (as if 4K all by itself wouldn’t blow people away).  The ICC-4K technology also manages to improve video signal from 1080p by “intelligently up-scaling” it and giving it viewing equivalent to the natural world.

The 80 inch back-lit LED TV, known as the LC-80LE844U is part of the ultra thin Sharp AQUOS® line and will also show 3D video as well.  That makes it the world’s first 80-inch screen size class 3D LED TV, and that will more than double the screen area of the current 55-inch class.  Tje LE844U also shows video in ultra crisp 240Hz (4 times broadcast TV) and uses Sharp’s 4 color Quattron technology.  Now that means that it will virtually eliminate blur during fast-moving video, but that isn’t always a good thing.  Many viewers complain that since most video is broadcast at 60hz, the TV has to insert, or interpolate frames to bring it up to 24hz.  That can cause the ultra sharp video to create a plastic, “soap opera” like effect to video.  That may be fine for an episode of All My Children, but couldn’t be a bit off putting for viewing of regular TV like Terra Nova or even watching Star Wars on Blu-ray.  But on the other hand, it’s also good for watching live sporting events where a crisper image translates to better detail.

Other features of the LE844U include integrated WiFi and TV apps such as Netflix®, Hulu®, Facebook®, CinemaNow® and YouTube for streaming internet video.

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