Sony 2014 Alpha DSLRs May Give Canon and Nikon Competition

2014 Line Believed to Offer Features Attractive to Filmmakers

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When I was in college, I sold cameras. And the one I hated to sell the most was Minoltas. Slow focusing, clumsy button layout, not a favorite. And it wasn’t a favorite of photographers either as Minolta got out of the game and sold their entire business to Sony. Not long after, Sony came out with the Alpha series, and everything changed. It was as if Sony took a hard look at everything that was wrong with Minolta SLRs and decided there was a better way. And that decision has paid dividends as Sony has gradually closed the gap, not only with enthusiasts, but also professionals who like the Alpha’s feature set. And there are murmurs that next year, they plan to give Canon and Nikon a serious run for their money.

Sony's Prototype 4K DSLR at NAB 2013

Sony’s Prototype 4K DSLR at NAB 2013

The Alpha line is not going away. They are working on technology that will outshine the competitors for early release next year.” – Unnamed Sony source via Sony Alpha Rumors

Now a lot of what we’re hearing is rumor and conjecture from the usual “high level sources,” (which is something you cite when you want to offer an opinion and can’t back it up with actual facts).  But we do know that Sony showcased a 4K DSLR at NAB last month.  And what was interesting about it was that Sony showed it off with a PL mount with Full Frame sensors.  Very professional.  That’s bound to get some Panny centric shooters intrigued as they look for a running and gunning rig that can take a licking and not have a huge impact on the budget.  But there are also Alpha fans who have invested heavily in A mount lenses who are worried that Sony may be abandoning the consumer lens design for a more high end mount like the PL.  “I keep stressing you that this isn’t true,” says Alpha Rumors, who have rated this an SR5 for absolutely true, “and that the A-mount line will keep being developed.”

But regardless of whether Sony scraps the SLT A mount in favor of a Panavision-style PL mount on their upcoming higher end DSLRs, much like the Canon 5D has been a popular choice of action cinematographers who would rather trash a $3,000 DSLR than a $35,000 plus digital cinema camera, Sony may be looking higher than those Alpha concerns.

Like I said, it’s a rumor at this point.  And when it comes to camera rumors, they’re a dime a dozen.  But I say the more the merrier.  If Sony can bring in a competitive design that doesn’t come along with silly Sony Proprietary technology or codecs that aren’t ready for prime time, and can be on par with Canon, Nikon and even Blackmagic, why wouldn’t shooters want to see it?  And I think that offering a professional grade with a PL mount lens is a cagey notion.  And one that shooters may embrace, if for no other reason than to experiment with it’s “digital emulsion.”

2014 is a ways off though, but we’ll keep an ear to the ground and if we hear anything concrete (or even strongly compelling), we’ll report it.

Hat Tip – Sony Alpha Rumors

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