Sony Announces Price and Availability for the NEX-FS700

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Sony has announced pricing and availability of the 4K ready NEX-FS700 and wow, it’s going to come in way lower and speculated.  The FS700 will $7999 ($8,599 for the kit version) and will be available at the end June.

As we reported last month, the NEX-FS700 features a Super35 sized Exmor chip with NXCAM Technology.  It supports RAW and AVCHD, and uses E-mount interchangeable lenses – as well as DSLR options – that can take advantage of built-in ND filters.  Output can be made via 3G/HD-SDI port and being 4K ready, the FS700 will record directly through that connection.

Format wise, the FS700 will shoot up to 240 frames per second, making it great for slow motion and will offer shooting modes including 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p.  It has on-board SD and MS card slots and also can write to Sony’s the FMU128, their proprietary flash memory add-on.

And although the FS700 won’t be 4K ready out of the box, shooting in full 1080p at K Exmor S35 sensor shoots in full-HD, 1920 x 1080, with 11.6 million total pixels, it has something the Canon C300 doesn’t have, and that will be that it’s “future proofed” with the ability to record in 4K with an upcoming firmware update and a planned 4K external recorder.  That’s huge, considering that the C300 costs three times as much for half the resolution, and Canon’s fickle release schedule is already making C300 shooters wondering why they jumped on the bandwagon when the C500 was on the horizon so soon after.   And it will also run straight up against the RED Epic and RED Scarlet price wise, at least until RED begins the 6K upgrade program later this year.  But still, even in spite of that the FS700 will give RED shooters a good run for their money in a literal sense.

And when you consider that Canon just announced the EOS Cinema 1D-C for $15,000, the FS700 will represent an affordable alternative for those who don’t want overreach for a 4K camera.  But word also is that in spite of it’s great price point and 4K genes, the FS700 may have a weak spot … it’s rolling shutter issues during whip panning (see below).   But that’s also becoming less and less of an issue thanks to plug-ins that can calm that roll down to be barely noticeable.  So even if you end up dealing with a bit of roll, fixing it in post is still the order of the day.

So what do you guys think?  Personally, I think that the FS700 would’ve been a great option at $15,000, but since SONY is happy to ask for almost half that, I see no reason to debate them on it!  It should be a great camera for ENG and low budget cable style programming where shooting on the fly is the order of day.  And it’s sure to make users of those more expensive models wondering why they paid so much for so little.

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  1. Jedifarce says:

    “the FS700 may have a weak spot … it’s rolling shutter issues during whip panning”

    Nobody would pan that quickly, it’s makes the footage unusable. It’s more like ‘stupid camera man issues’ than anything having to do with rolling shutter.

  2. steven says:

    I think it is priced so low because it is still in the NEX line of cameras. This means the build quality is far from Professional. I wish it wasn’t the case!! This would be an awesome camera if it was built solid. I bought the Fs 100 and sent it back. It was a plastic hollow piece of crap. I need durability as much as I need a solid image. I am willing to pay for that.

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