Sony NEX Rumored to be Going Full Frame

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Well, it seems the interwebs considers the Sony NEX the flavor of the month.  First we had the story of a shooter who built a RED like rig around an NEX-5, then we had the story of a new hack that will give NEX higher bit rates and even 4:2:2 pull down, and now there’s talk that Sony is taking the NEX from micro 4/3s to full frame.  Pretty exciting times ….

““I just learned via (many) trusted sources that the third revolution from Sony is about to happen. After the SLT and NEX introductions (first two revolutions) Sony is about to change the photographic and video industry with the third revolution… a new Full Frame NEX system!” – Sony Alpha Rumors

The new model would likely be the NEX – 9 and it will be full frame with a mirrorless assembly.  But one thing that will need to happen is that Sony will have to redesign the lens mounts as an E series lens won’t work with a full frame censors.  But they would likely just use the Alpha class lenses with some minor focal length adjustments.  Or SLT mounts which would allow for adapters to the PL mounts that are very popular with shooters these days.  Sony could even use Canon EF mounts.

As Sony is a long time lens partner with Leica, Sony could also import M Mount glass, which would make for some stunningly crisp imagery.  And with mirrorless, filmmakers would enjoy some great live view recording that one writer called “a cameraman’s wet dream.”

And you throw into that the yeoman’s work being done on the new SONY NEX Hacks, and that NEX RED RIG, could we have a more serious player in the indy filmmaking market that can challenge sub $10,000 cameras like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera?   Or even DSLR film rigs like the Canon 5D Mk. II?  You bet.

In fact, it’ll be very interesting how Canon responds to it.  We’ve reported several rumors that Canon was working on a mirrorless APS-C camera, and rumors that the 7D was going full frame, which now seems unlikely since Canon put out a comprehensive firmware update that many claim turned it into a new camera.  Another another rumor that the upcoming Canon 6D is a full frame camera.    If true, then with Sony firing a broadside across the bow of Lake Success, could it force Canon to pivot, or rush the mirrorless camera to market before it’s time?  I rather doubt that.  But it may push Canon to announce the entry level full frame DSLR sooner, which they should do anyway since Nikon is getting a lot of hey from the D600 being full frame.

Course, it’s all rumor and speculation.  And let’s face it, the only rumor mill that even comes close to the fever pitch of Apple rumors are camera rumors.  But having said that, regardless of details, it’s a very exciting time for camera fans.  Maybe not for our credit card accounts, mind you, but that goes with the territory.

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