With London Creator Space, YouTube Turns Quality up to 11

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It looks like YouTube isn’t satisfied with videos of drunken kids coming home from the dentist or Freddie Wong virtually killing everything in sight.  Now, they’re wanting to give YouTube creators their own studios for making their videos more professional-looking.  Dubbed Creator Space, these studios offer everything the big boys have.  But unless you already have some YouTube street cred, you may barred at the door until you do.

 “It is amazing to think that some of the most successful creators on the platform, with millions of views, use little more than their bedrooms, a webcam and any props they can lay their hands on to produce compelling videos and build a global fanbase,” said Sara Mormino, director of YouTube Content Operations and Next Lab. “Many of our partners are ready to take their channels to the next level by using the latest equipment and editing techniques as well as tapping into the valuable advice from other experts and YouTube stars.”

The Creator Space was built in London at Google’s British HQ and contains state of the art high definition TV studios with professional lighting, green screening, and edit suites.  And Google is offering these facilities to YouTube partners who get enough views that qualify them for revenue sharing.  The London space is largely meant to cater to Web stars from Europe, the Middle East and Afric, who can book studio time and have a professional crew at their disposal.

Our partners from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa will be able to book time in the space to create and collaborate with other creators, learn new techniques, as well as gaining access to state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, to help them generate great new content for their channels. The creator space is complete with the latest equipment such as DSLRs and cinema cameras, two studios including a green screen and fully staffed editing suites.

So in addition to offering state of the art facilities for their stars to use, Yahoo will also be offering collaboration with other stars and a kind of master degree level education to teach techniques from working professionals at both YouTube/Google, and the filmmaking industry.  All being aimed to get more people watching videos on YouTube, rather than anywhere else.

It’s money well spent, I think.  The concentration of giving content creators their own creative space with professional equipment fits in with Yahoo/Google’s plans to create original programming channels for IPTV purposes, especially since they’re slugging it out with original content deals at Netflix and Hulu.   And it’s likely that they’ll be erecting more studios around the world in places like L.A., New York, Chicago, South America, Asia … it all will likely come down to how well Creator Space is utilized and if Google sees a rise in quality – and views – as a result.

Meanwhile, the David After Dentist crowd, who just make videos that happen to go viral, will still have that studio in their hands – the iPhone, to keep capturing lightning in the bottle, while Freddie and Brandon take that European vacation.  The space will be overseen by the YouTube Next Lab, a team focused on accelerating the growth and development of channels and creators on YouTube.

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