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Directing with Motion Tour receives rave reviews

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Back in January, DSLR trailblazer Vincent Laforet was enjoying a dune buggy vacation, when tragedy struck and he ended up with an arm broken in six places. Ouch. And it would force just about any runner and gunner to lay up and heal. But not Vincent, who not only saw it as an opportunity, but as an educational one, to boot. Which is why he’s embarked on a gargantuan 32-city tour on directing with motion.

The scariest thing was the reaction of the doctors in the ER. The silver lining was that I had a lot of time on my hands. It forced me to slow down, take a look around, and refocus. And that’s why I decided to embark on a 10 week, 32 city tour on directing motion. – Vincent Laforet

Vincent has been running and gunning since almost the beginning of the DSLR revolution. While Nikon had already released a DSLR to shoot video, it was Vince’s use of the Canon 5D Mk. II with his gorgeous short film Reverie, that gave the industry the vision to use DSLRs as a legitimate platform for cinema. Those were in the heady days, to be sure, and we’ve come light years since then.

And just when DSLRs were mainstream and people were wondering what was next, Laforet came along with a new gadget he discovered that changed the game again… the Freefly MōVI. Then, all of a sudden, the rules were different again, and LaForet was in the middle of it. And now that he’s on the mend, Vince wants to share what he’s learned in a master class on directing with motion. And I can’t wait.

“I designed the workshop so it’s broken up with live shoots. We’re going to invite 30 crew members, the first 30 to sign up, and shoot scenes, then talk about how to pull those off by yourself. Much like episodic TV, and focus why you move the camera and how you’re thinking. It’s for those who shoot short films, music videos, short videos, wedding videos, it’s all based on the same thing. And I’m going to teach you how to actively use it … what’s the best way to execute that on screen.” – Laforet

Faced with not being able to handle a camera for a while, Laforet sat down and watched a bunch of his favorite movies, analyzing and breaking them down for camera movement, and to figure out why each director chose to move the camera for that scene. The result was this workshop, which LaForet plans to mix in lectures with practical shoots and then breaking down those shoots to show the why behind the how.

“The good news is that despite limited sleep so far, the reviews have been super positive,” Vince writes on his Blog. “And we’ve worked the kinks out of the logistics of travelling with all of this gear and an entire set with us throughout the country. (And we’re getting more sleep as a result.)”

Image Credit: Vincent Laforet

The workshop started with Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago, and soon he’s in St. Louis, Mo. The entire schedule is here:

May 15: Detroit, MI
May 17: Indianapolis, IN
May 18: Chicago, IL
May 20: St Louis, MO
May 22: Minneapolis, MN
May 27: Denver, CO
May 29: Salt Lake City, UT
May 31: Vancouver, BC
June 1: Seattle, WA
June 3: Portland, OR
June 6: San Jose, CA
June 8: San Francisco, CA
June 10: Sacramento, CA
June 14: Burbank, CA
June 17: San Diego, CA
June 19: Phoenix, AZ
June 21: Austin, TX
June 22: Dallas, TX
June 24: Houston, TX
June 26: New Orleans, LA
June 28: Nashville, TN
June 29: Atlanta, GA
July 1: Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 8: Charlotte, NC
July 10: Brooklyn, NY
July 12: Washington, DC
July 13: New York City, NY

Cost of the workshop is $295, broken down into a daytime movement and direction workshop, and a nighttime applied-theory workshop. Users will also receive a free pass to NAB 2015. And if for some reason you can’t attend, Vince plans on recording the workshops and releasing a DVD and HD download of the experience to glean from (attendees will get the download at no extra charge).

I’m definitely going to be at the L.A./Burbank class, it’s something that you don’t wanna miss. For more information, visit the Directing Motion site for details on how to sign up. And you can check out my interview with Vincent here.

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