LaForet: FreeFly MoVi Ships in August


Budget M5 version priced at $4995

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Cinematographer Vincent LaForet has leaked that the Freefly MōVI M10 will be shipping in thirty days, on August 15th, a full 45 days ahead of schedule.   Not only that, but they’ve also announced pricing and availability for the lighter and more compact MoVi M5, which supports cameras under five pounds, and will not only be coming out at the same time, but at forty percent less than expected.  WOW.

The first MōVI M10s will ship in 30 days… on August 15th… I’m really happy to see them be able to come in well under the $7,500 price point they initially announced back at NAB.    This means a lot more people are going to be able to put the MōVI to use on productions big and small. – Vincent LaForet Blog

moviCameraComparisonChart-v1LaForet was also able to announce that in addition to the M5 selling for $4995, the M10 design has been refined to the point where balance of the rig can be achieved tool free.  That’s huge because it’ll cut down on set up time and having to lug around a tool kit.  Other refinements include:

  • The widening the camera tray to better accommodate larger camera packages, including the Canon C300 and C500, the RED EPIC with side handle, Canon EOS 1DC, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • A new ability to run somewhat heavier camera packages than Freefly showed at NAB – now up to 12 lbs/5.4 kg.
  • A new feature to center balance the camera without tools.

“Enter the MōVI with its ability to smoothly pan, tilt or roll remotely while it’s being operated – which allows me the ability to create camera moves that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen and yet are incredibly easy to execute.  After they nailed the shot on take one, I just stood there with a dumb look on my face: “Uh…I guess we should do it again, right?” So we did another take and they nailed it again. I looked at my watch and realized that at this rate, we were far ahead of schedule which gave me the opportunity to further finesse the shot, and the luxury to create half a dozen shots instead of just one or two – and in a very rare occurrence for any of our SNL shoots – we finished ahead of schedule.”   – Alex Buono

LaForet also pointed out that the MōVI M10 and the MōVI M5 are essentially the same design with exactly the same features.   The only difference is the size of the camera package shooters will be using.  He goes on to say that HDSLR runners and gunners can use the MōVI M5 with no problems at all, “if your package comes to 5 pounds or less you’re good,” LaForet writes.  “You should be able to get a pretty solid HDSLR package on the M5.”  But larger setups like the RED Epic or the Canon C500 would be far better off with the larger MōVI M10 s platform.    And LaForet hints that the more accessories you can place on the carrying handles, the better. ” … none of the accessories you put on the handles (such as wireless monitors / receiver etc) count against the max weight capacity of the motors,” LaForet adds.  Freefly has also created a comparison chart (see right) to show which rigs will work best with which MōVI model.

So here’s the bottom line …

The MōVI M10 will start shipping with pre-orders beginning August 15th.  Price is $15,000 and you can use platforms up to 12 pounds.  The MōVI M5, which is ideal for DSLR packages up to 5 pounds, will sell at $4995 (40% cheaper than announced at NAB), and just $500 down will secure you preorder.  It will ship August 15th as well.  For more information, you can listen to a great pair of episodes of doddleTALKS Tech featuring LaForet and Tabb Firchau of Freefly systems ( linked in the first paragraph) and also head to Freefly’s website.

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