Has The 13th Doctor Who Been Revealed?

Kris Marshall (Image Credit: DoctorWhoTV)

Kris Marshall (Image Credit: DoctorWhoTV)

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With the tenth series of the modern Doctor Who barely launched, it seems like everyone is in a hurry to get Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regenerated and out of the TARDIS. Even the BBC has put several short edits of the regeneration process in recent previews. And now we may know who the once and future 13th Doctor will be…

“The Mirror Online has been told by a show insider who the new man to take on the job will be. They want a David Tennant type (and) the Mirror understands that the next actor to become the Time Lord is Kris Marshall. And the new Doctor is set to join the show during the 10th series, rather than in the Christmas special.” – The Mirror Online

His name is Kris Marshall, and he’s a Ginger! Finally! At least that’s what the Mirror Online would have us believe. And not only that, they’re also reporting that according to an inside source at the Beeb, Marshall will join the cast before Capaldi says his goodbyes this Christmas. Will the Doctor be crossing his own time line again?

Kris Marshall in Death in Paradise

Kris Marshall in Death in Paradise

Could be. But first, who is this Kris Marshall, anyway? Perhaps best known as Nick Harper in My Family, Marshall was also in the hit British romantic comedy Love Actually with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Emma Thompson. Then he moved to the Caribbean-based cop show Death in Paradise, which Marshall recently left because the location based drama caused him to miss the birth of his daughter last year.

With his schedule opening up, odds makers put Marshall as a favorite, along with female candidates Tilda Swinton and Olivia Coleman for the coveted role of the next Time Lord.

“I wasn’t sure for a long time whether I’d be writing him out or whether he’d be carrying on with [new showrunner] Chris Chibnall. That fits his Doctor, though. His Doctor feels sort of impulsive and in the moment and would do something reckless that you wouldn’t expect. That suits me.” – Steven Moffat hinting at who the next Doctor would be to Radio Times

The beginning of Capaldi's end? Image Credit - Radio Times

The beginning of Capaldi’s end?
Image Credit: Radio Times

But then reports came out that the BBC was looking for another dashing David Tennant type, and Marshall suddenly became the favorite. Now the word is that he’s a lock for the role. But in a strange twist, the Mirror report says that Marshall has already joined the cast, and Capaldi has filmed his regeneration scene before the traditional Yuletide send off. Could the BBC be showing Capaldi the door early? Well, maybe. But more likely something else is afoot.

Already we’ve heard that John Simm will be reprising his role as The Master, teaming up with his regenerated female self, Missy (played by Michelle Gomez), for some machiavellian scheme (and I can’t wait). Perhaps, if Marshall is the next Doctor, he may jump in from the future to help Capaldi defeat them. While I’m totally onboard with Simm coming back and teaming up Gomez for a Team Master showdown, I’m not sure how I feel about the Thirteenth Doctor arriving before the current Doctor takes his last bow.

Whether it’s Marshall or not, if he teams up with Capaldi during the tenth series, but not during the scheduled Christmas regeneration, it could render any remaining episodes that Capaldi has as irrelevant. And that just wouldn’t be right. He deserves better. But then again, TV is a brutal business. More likely, it’s somewhere in the middle. The final two-episode arc will have Capaldi’s Doctor Who facing off against an old foe, the Mondrasian Cybermen, and that may be when he goes out swinging.

(Picture: BBC) The first Time Lord will be joining Peter Capaldi for Doctor Who Christmas special

The first Time Lord will be joining Peter Capaldi for the annual Doctor Who Christmas special (BBC)

Then, we’ll get treated to something special for the holidays. Maybe a kind of fantasy episode that exists outside of the Canon. I say that because now we’re hearing the Christmas Special will have a very special companion join Capaldi in the TARDIS, the FIRST Doctor.

Wait… what? According to another Mirror report, Harry Potter actor David Bradley is reprising his role as the first Doctor (originally played by William Hartnell), who is coming for Christmas to give Capaldi one last adventure. But while it would be nice not to have our hearts broken on Christmas day with another Doctor Who regeneration, it looks like this rumor is posing more questions than it answers.


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