A Pair of Man of Steel Teaser Trailers

By Danny Santos

This past weekend a ‘little film called The Dark Knight Rises hit the screens across North America. You may have heard of it. While this may be Nolan’s final film in the Batman series, he’s not quite done yet with DC Comics superheroes, he’s producing another film about a Superhero, someone name Superman or something. (Check out both teasers here.)

All tongue in cheek comments aside, if you went out to watch The Dark Knight Rises you were treated to a teaser of the new Superman reboot, Man of Steel, being helmed by 300 and Watchmen director Zack Snyder. Very few things have come off the set as they’re keeping the story under wraps, but we’re pretty sure the reboot is an origin tale and the major villain is probably Zod. You remember him as the guy who wants you to kneel before him.

Two teaser trailers were created, one with a voice over by Jor El (Clark Kent’s biological father, played by Russell Crowe) and the other by Jonathan Kent (Superman’s adoptive father, played by Kevin Costner).

Besides the Fortress of Solitude and what looks to be a fight through the streets of Metropolis, you definitely feel Nolan’s hand on this film as it seems to center around Superman’s alienation (no pun intended) from the rest of humanity.

In previous takes of Superman, he’s usually seen as a hero from the get-go but it looks like in the hands of Snyder and Nolan, he’s going to have to earn it in the eyes of the rest of humanity. A more realistic take on a classic superhero– this is all sounding so familiar.

Tell us what you think about the direction they’re taking Superman in this reboot! Leave your comments or questions below!

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