Accessory Turns an iMac into a Surface Like Touch Screen

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

There’s a lot good uses for a touchscreen computer in a table configuration.  Microsoft has gotten a lot of mileage out of the Surface table computer because of it’s touch screen interface.  And although they do enjoy the touch experience on their iPhones, iPods and iPads, Mac users have largely been left out in the cold, not enjoying touch screen capability on their iMacs.  Until now.  And it draws it’s inspiration from a notorious Latin criminal who liked to write with his sword.

We have integrated the gesture touch function of Apple trackpad on Mac OS into Zorro Macsk, so it means we can use the same gesture used in trackpad to control the iMac on the touch screen – Amazon listing

The Zorro Macsk is a framed touch screen overlay that slips over your iMac’s LCD screen like a mask of “you know who.”  Using infrared touch technology, and a USB connection, the Macsk translates your finger’s location, and whether you’re just moving the cursor or pinching and stretching to resize a window or zoom into an image.

Made of aluminum, the Zorro Macsk is magnetized and slips over the face of a 21.5″ 16×9 iMac without any tools.   And because it supports universal plug and play connections, it doesn’t require any driver software to operate.  That means in less than a half a minute, you’re up and running with your finger mouse.

And it’s designed to be thin enough to leave room for the iMac’s optical drive and rear connections, and the the WiFi antenna isn’t obscured affecting reception.  And it even shows the Apple Logo.  Additionally, thanks to it’s UPNP support, if you’re running dual boot of Windows through Boot Camp, it’ll support the Windows OS as well.

The Zorroa Macsk comes in six different pastel colors, including black, gray, white, pink, green and light blue.  It costs about $200 and is available exclusively from   And that’s where they lose me.  Frankly, I think it’s too expensive.  For what is essentially an invisible mouse, this accessory should cost $69.99 at most.

It’s also way too limited to just the 21″ iMac.  We’ve moved way beyond that small screen size and that means that 24″ iMac users and beyond are left out in the cold.  But then again, once this catches on, maybe the company, TMDtouch will make other model numbers.  But I  think they missed the boat not going with a larger frame size, like the mid range screen, which is what most of the recent iMacs start on.

But I think if it does work, and catch on, it could breathe new life into old Macs that can be relegated to more mundane applications like a computerized touch screen cash register, a digital home control unit or even a waiting room play PC that works in a very Surface like table computer.  And forget about how it can enhance the desktop Angry Birds experience.  That’s just a given!

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

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    Imagine such an overlay for the Retina MBP!

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