Carrie Fisher Confirms Signing for Star Wars Episode VII

Actress to reprise Princess Leia role

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Carrie Fisher has confirmed that she’s going to be returning as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII.  The actress mentioned her reprisal of the iconic role in an interview with Palm Beach Illustrated. What will her involvement be? Fisher has a few ideas.

Disney is going to continue the Star Wars saga, producing movies set to hit theaters starting in 2015. Can you confirm whether you’ll reprise the role of Princess Leia?  Yes. – Carrie Fisher, Palm Beach Illustrated

Fisher, who is also an accomplished author and script doctor, was quick to jump in and say she would be thrilled to be in the next chapter of the Star Wars Saga, along with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, and it didn’t take long after for the direction of Episode VII to be towards revisiting the iconic trio in the Disney relaunching of the series.  But her vision of the leader of the rebellion in later years is somewhat pensive, less likely to dive into the center cause:

I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.

The one liner could be how she plans to approach the role, or it could indicate a plot point that is going to play itself out. It’s difficult to know since Disney, and director JJ Abrams, are tight lipped about the script being written by Michael Arndt. But considering that Harrison Ford said he’d play Han Solo again, but only if he died in Episode VII, and that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have been signed to take the series in a new literary direction beginning with Episode VIII. So there’s a good chance that the trio from a galaxy far, far away, will be handing the series off properly to a new generation of Jedi fighting for freedom and justice in the New Republic.

Nobody really knows for sure, though, but we do know that just before the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm was announced, George Lucas met with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and told them he was working on a new story that would bring them back. “Well, no, he was just talking about writers and the fact that he wouldn’t be directing,” recalled Hamill of the meeting in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I guess he wanted us to know before everybody else knew. ”

You can bet that with Fisher confirmed, and Ford reportedly already signed, that Hamill won’t be far behind, if he hasn’t inked already. It’ll be interesting to see where they are in their characters’ lives, as compared to the characters in the timeline that has been covered by the myriad of books and materials that have been published. In their “future,” Solo and Princess Leia marry and have Jedi twins, while Luke Skywalker not only rebuilds the Jedi order, but eventually gets expelled and falls to the dark side. Then there’s his on again, off again romance with expanded universe favorite Mara Jade.

There’s a heck of a lot story history that can be mined in the next few chapters, so it’ll be great to see how it all unfolds.  As Lucas has said “We could go on making Star Wars for the next 100 years.”

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