CES 2017 Day 3: HTC Vive, Mohu, Steadicam, Dell, and 8K Virtual Reality

HTC Vive Tracker (image: Digital Trends)

HTC Vive Tracker (image: Digital Trends)

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Day three of CES 2017 proved one thing: There is quite a lot to see, and there’s really no way to see it all, even if CES was a month long. But here are a few things we feel are worth sharing.

HTC Vive Tracker. More of a gaming accessory than anything, the HTC Vive Tracker can strap to any device and bring it into virtual reality. The Vive Headset has been redesigned for better comfort and with built in ear buds, and the tracker has three tracking points, the same as the Vive controller. Then you can custom add your item into the virtual world of your video game or other virtual reality application. HTC had the Tracker attached to several props at their booth, including toy guns, baseball bats, and cameras. If you’re into first person shooters, for instance, and you have a special toy gun controller you like to use, the Tracker can make it happen. HTC also has a new audio strap which replaces the audio portion of your first gen Vive headset, and TPCast, which will turn your Vive headset wireless. No word yet on pricing, but the Tracker and Audio Strap are expected to arrive this Spring.


Mohu Airwave HD Antenna

Mohu Airwave HD Antenna.  The Mohu Airwave is an HD Antenna that can seamlessly work with Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and other streaming media solutions. It will send local TV channels directly to your streaming box through your WiFi network connection. No coaxial connection required. It also comes with an app for your streaming device so you can stream and it provides a 14 day TV channel guide so you can know what’s on.  When you consider that the one thing holding back most people from cutting the cable is the ability to get local channels, the Mohu Airwave eliminates that excuse. Cost is $149.99 exclusively at Best Buy this Spring.

Dell Ultra Sharp 32 Ultra 8K Monitor

Dell’s Ultra Sharp 32 Ultra 8K Monitor. Gee, wasn’t it just the past few years when everyone was talking about 4K LCD screens? Now Dell is showing off their Ultra Sharp 32 Ultra 8K Monitor with a jaw-dropping 32,200,000 pixels and 1.07 billion colors! What?! Can we even see that sharply? The Ultra 8K Monitor supports Adobe RGB and sRGB color gamut for HDR, and it costs $4995. Ouch. But I bet it’s worth it when you want to edit that RED Helium footage.

aa437188193d624d04c091d1b3126ba4_original-640x427-cTiffen Steadicam Volt. With the influx of cheap handheld 3 axis gimbal stabilizers, Tiffen’s Steadicam has been struggling with an ever decreasing ecosystem to operate in. Everyone wants the buttery smooth stabilization with gimbal motors, and it looks like Tiffen is taking a “if you can’t beat em, join em” approach with the Steadicam Volt.

Teaming up with drone maker Yuneec, Tiffen has upgraded their handheld handheld Steadicam with an electronic gimbal component that keeps the camera’s center of gravity constant without the lag time of other handheld gimbals. And the benefit is, that while the Volt has a battery life of up to eight hours, it can operate manually after the batteries have died just like a regular Ateadicam. The Volt also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth as well to fine tune the settings. Tiffen is running a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 to bring Volt to the market, and they have already raised over half that. Price will be estimated at $199, but you can back it for as low as $120 here.

Insta360 Pro 360° camera

Lastly, we head back to VR/360° Video with Insta360 Pro 360° camera. You may remember Insta360 grabbed our attention last week with the announcement of live streaming via Periscope through the iPhone. Well that was just to wet our whistle until CES, where they introduced a bowling ball sized professional grade VR camera with 8K video resolution. The Insta360 pro supports HDR and Raw formats, can take 60 MP 360° stills, and record in 4K at 100 frames per second. There’s even a time lapse mode making this a 360° beast of a camera.

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