Cinetics Unveils Kickstarter For New Motion Control Camera Slider

cinetics_lynx_looking_at_youBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Cinetics has announced yet another crowdfunding campaign for a new motion control camera slider that promises to elevate your time lapse shots to the next level. Dubbed the “Lynx,” it offers not only motion control, but also multi axis 360 degree imaging in the process. And it looks pretty slick.

“Lynx is our 4th motion control project, and it’s our very best. It’s a compact camera slider built with input from an amazingly engaged customer base. It’s a ready-to-run, three axis motion control kit that sets up quick and easily, is strong, fast and quiet, and can be driven by a mobile app. We are confident that Lynx will consistently perform as well as other, more expensive, compact motion control systems on the market.”- Justin Jensen, founder of Cinetics



The Lynx offers multi axis control with three motors per controller. It can be controlled via mobile app and users can set over 10 key frames with which to have waypoints along the path to change direction and axis. Cinetics built the Lynx from the ground up to be twice as fast as the current Axis360 slider, with a 2-inch per second maximum.

Other specs include:

  1. 3 motors per controller
  2. 10+ keyframes
  3. Mobile app
  4. Save and preset moves
  5. 24″ carbon fiber rods, extendable to 48″
  6. 24 bearings per motor
  7. 2″ per second move speed
  8. 12.5lb total weight for 3-axis kit



iOS Control

The Lynx app is available for iOS and Android, and gives users control over sliding speed, pan, tilt, and other controls with which to choreography your time lapse or other cinematic shots. There’s also virtual joystick and accelerometer controls for live camera movement that’s easy to operate with nearly no learning curve.

Lynx is available in three different configurations, including:

  1. The Lynx Base Slider allows users to create manual video moves. The motor control can be added to the slider at any time.
  2. The Lynx Motorized Slider kit includes the manual slider plus the slider motor and controller for a complete linear motion control system.
  3. The Lynx Three Axis Slider includes the complete Lynx motorized slider and motorized pan and tilt head.

The Lynx is built from hardened aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fiber slider rods. And while the Lynx can’t natively mate with the Axis360 systems, Cinetics does have an optional adapter with which to mate the two systems together.

“Following the overwhelming success and community support of three previous Kickstarter campaigns, Cinetics will once again turn to Kickstarter for preorders of Lynx and offer its loyal community of photographers, filmmakers, and videographers a discount on the new system.” – Jensen

Cinetics has taken to Kickstarter and is accepting preorders. During the campaign, users can get the basic slider configuration for $499, $999 for the Motorized Slider Kit, or $1499 for the full three axis model. Additional Slider motors are available at $200, Pan & Tilt motors for $500 and $300 for the Lynx Controller. Slider extension rods are $100, and you can fit them together to make them as long as you need to.

Shipping to begin this Summer. For more details, head over to their Kickstarter campaign here.

Hat Tip: DPReview

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