CineXinsert Now Supports XDCAM for PC and Mac

cinexBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Back in April of 2016 at NAB Show, Cinedeck announced the software-based, stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application called CineXinsert. This is a very simple tool, but is incredibly powerful and something editors will think of as a lifesaver. I can’t count the number of times something like this would have been useful for me.

CineXinsert allows you to take an exported, closed video file and insert new footage, audio, or closed captioning without the need to export. So if there was a mistake in a finalized ProRES video, for example, you would just need to re-render the correct clip, and then insert it using the application.

The program launched with ProRes, DNxHD, and JPEG2000 in both .mov and .mfx wrappers, but now supports XDCAM HD files for both PC and Mac. You can fix video, audio, and closed captioning either together or separately.

The interface is pretty intuitive for editors, featuring the classic source and target/recording window. All you have to do is select an in and out point in your original master in the target window, load up the new corrected clip, and set an in point. CineXinsert will automatically add the out point based on the duration from the target window. Press the insert button and the video is automatically corrected — no re-rendering, no exporting. There’s also no undo so the only way to return the video back to the original is to do another insert.

To learn more about CineXinsert now with XDCAM support just head on over to Here’s the full press release from CineDeck:

Insert and overwrite new video, audio or closed caption data to XDCAM files created from a number of third party applications.

Do you have archived XDCAM files that need to be reversioned? Use cineXinsert to insert a new slate, promo or textless elements without re-encoding and QCing your XDCAM file all over again.

Which third party XDCAM files are supported?

CineXinsert supports Insert/Overwrite for files created on Telestream, Avid, Adobe and XDCAM decks; as well as XDCAM files from Cinedeck hardware. The company says it has plans to support more third-party XDCAM files throughout the year.

Which wrappers are supported for XDCAM?

For the first release, Cinedeck decided to focus on MXF Op1A because it’s a widely accepted delivery and archive standard for XDCAM files. It says it will add support for other wrappers throughout the year.

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