Deadpool Creator’s Extreme Universe Coming To The Big Screen

extreme-universeBy Danny F. Santos (doddlNEWS)

If there was one artist who defined the look of muscles upon muscles, and tons of pouches on belts in comics in the 1990s, it has to have been Rob Liefeld. If there was one word that represented the world of comics at the time, it would be the word “EXTREEEEEEME!!!!” in all caps and with many exclamation marks.

Liefeld is probably best known for creating Deadpool and Cable, but he also created over 100 characters in nine comic books that make up what is know as the Extreme Universe. Now Liefeld is teaming up with producers Graham King, Akiva Goldsman, Brooklyn Weaver and Fundamental Films, to create new films based on those comic book characters in order to bring them to the big screen.

Here’s what Fundamental Films chairman Mark Gao said of the acquisition:

“Rob Liefeld’s unique characters are in great hands with Graham and Akiva. We could not be more excited to see them bring the entire Extreme Universe to theaters and fans around the globe.”

Producer Graham King added:

“Rob has an uncanny ability to create unique stories with unforgettable characters and Extreme Universe is no exception. These stories are fantastic and I couldn’t imagine better partners on this project than Mark and his team at Fundamental Films.”

Characters that are part of the Extreme Universe include Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Lethal, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, Battlestone, Baboom and Nitro-Gen. To be honest, I barely remember most of those names. Liefeld also released a statement saying:

“Over the past nearly 25 years, since launching Image Comics, I’ve been lucky enough to see the power of these stories and characters as they’ve resonated with several generations of comic book fans. To now be able to work with Akiva Goldsman and Graham King, who are powerhouses in their own right, to bring these compelling characters and conflicts to life on the big screen is nothing short of a dream come true.”

Okay, look, I love a good comic book movie, and I love the current trend of building universes on film, but how many superhero universes do we need in theaters? DC Comics officially launched their universe last year, and a Valiant universe is on the way as well. I’ve been hoping that Marvel Studios had shown the blueprint for making these kinds of shared universes, but I was also hoping that they would broaden out into different genres.

To be fair, Universal is creating their monster universe as well as a Robert Ludlum one, while Legendary is looking to bring King Kong vs. Godzilla to the big screen. But with this many superhero universes on the way, I’m going to start thinking that those who believe the superhero genre is headed for a fall are right. What will happen when there are at least five competing superhero worlds on the big screen?

Stay tuned for more details on the cinematic version of Liefeld’s Extreme Universe.

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