Doctor Who Trailer: Old and New Villains for Capaldi’s Last Season

doctor-who-season-10-trailerBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

In the latest BBC trailer for the 10th, and Peter Capaldi’s final season of Doctor Who, it looks like the Twelfth Doctor will face off against some old familiar faces, and a few new ones. We already know the original Mondasian Cybermen are coming back, but they aren’t the only ones. Can you say “Exterminate?” But that isn’t the only thing coming to the TARDIS we haven’t seen in awhile.

Yes, the Cybermen are coming, and what would a season be without the Daleks? But it looks like the Daleks are going to be turning things up to eleven when they return with a new variant that will take the shape of a human being to deceive its victims.

The twelve episode season will also have the return of the Ice Warriors. They were last seen in ‘Cold War,’ an epic thriller with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and his companion Clara, where they find themselves trapped aboard a Russian nuclear sub with these terrible warriors from Doctor Who’s past.

This time around, the episode’s scribe Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) promises an even more frightening encounter that’s evocative of a Jules Verne / Edgar Rice Burroughs’ adventure. We will also see the return of Missy, up to her old tricks as she tries to either kill or drive her best frenemy to the brink. But it also looks like Missy may end up in a little trouble of her own with which Doctor Who must decide whether to rescue her, or leave her to her own wooden devices.

cgvozaiwkaavuhuJoining Capaldi for this final season on Doctor Who will be Pearl Mackie, as the new companion Bill, and she has a very interesting view point on of all this. She says the TARDIS reminds her of a kitchen, so you can bet she’s going to be putting the Doctor off balance.

But he also tells her that this is the adventure she’s been waiting her own life for and that adventure will take her from Mars, to the 1800s, to even a planet manned with emoji faced robots, and Daleks set to kill them.

Also returning is Matt Lucas’ Nardole, and it looks like the TARDIS will be tossing him a sonic screwdriver from the Doctor’s past (the fourth Doctor’s to be precise). This leaves me to guess that the Doctor will be in trouble, and the TARDIS will give Nardole what he needs to rescue the Time Lord and his companion.

This tenth and final Doctor Who season for both Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat also promise the return of larger stories, with more multi-episode arcs and some new villains, as well. All of it leading up to Capaldi’s final two episodes against the Cybermen (Capaldi’s favorite as a child) and then his regeneration this coming Christmas.

I can only hope that Moffat will wrap up a few stories he’s left dangling, as well as the promise that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson would be coming to direct an episode or two. Didn’t think we forgot that, did you, Steven?

Somewhere in between, we should get the announcement on who Thirteen (actually Fourteen, but that’s another story) will be, and then we’ll all have to prepare to get our hearts broken for the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. The excitement begins a month from now, April 15th on BBC One and BBC America.

But if you are of the cinematic mind, the BBC is also planning to show the season premiere as part of a Fathom Event’s screening on April 17th. This special two-night event also features two bonus programs including episode one of the spinoff series Class, featuring a guest appearance by the Doctor himself (unfortunately the show is already cancelled before it comes to BBC America). In addition, the never-before-seen bonus feature, “Becoming The Companion,” which will travel with new companion Pearl Mackie from the London stage through the doors of the TARDIS. Tickets for this special screening of Doctor Who will be on sale at Fathom Events here.

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