Full Trailer: mother! From Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence


The disturbing poster

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS)

Last week, Paramount dropped a teaser (really just a tease) for Darren Aronofsky’s new film mother! starring Jennifer Lawrence, along with a shocking poster, and now we have the first full trailer!

This is a great trailer! They aren’t revealing major spoilers, they aren’t showing the whole movie in a 3-act structured preview. Aronofsky and the studio are revealing just enough to whet our appetites, and it does look terrifying.

Aronofsky’s long time cinematographer Matthew Libatique (Black Swan, Iron Man) goes for an interesting pallette of colors for mother!, and it really helps with the freaky vibe, plus the decision to shoot it on 16mm film (per IMDb) is a great one, and I love the contrasts and the grainy image.

mother! is dubbed a psychological horror / thriller, and I have to say they’re nailing it, at least in the trailer. Lawrence and her husband played by Javier Bardem live in an old house, which they are rehabbing, when a stranger comes by to visit, played by Ed Harris. Lawrence doesn’t know who he is, or the mysterious woman who follows, who is Harris’ wife (played by the fantastic Michelle Pfeiffer). But they know Bardem’s character, and things start to spiral out of control as more people arrive at the house.

The first thing I thought of was, ‘It’s a crazy cult!’ But I don’t think it will be that simple, and Aronofsky, who also wrote the script, has always been willing to dive deep into his films and the psychology of his characters (look no further than Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, and others). I’m really excited for this film!

Here’s a new poster with Bardem:


The official plot for mother! is light:

“mother! centers on a couple whose relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.”

The supporting cast is wonderful and some of my favorites, including Bardem, Pfeiffer, and Harris. The film opens in a month on September 15th, along with a screening at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

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