Happy Birthday Han Solo! Harrison “Deckard” Ford Turns 70

For most of us Star Wars fans, Harrison Ford will always be the dashing rogue Han Solo, the space cowboy with a heart of gold and a big hairy sidekick. Harrison Ford turns 70 today and looks great for his age, but when he has “a bad feeling about this” these days it’s probably because he hasn’t had a bowel movement in a week.

All of our heroes age, it’s inevitable, but Ford is definitely doesn’t look a day over … 65. When you take a look at his co-stars in the space opera trilogy, he’s ahead of the game. Carrie Fisher looks better now, but for a while you could tell she was a woman that partied hard in her youth. Luke Skywalker has made a living primarily as a voice actor because…lets admit it… he has a face for radio.

Ford is no stranger to iconic characters. Along with Solo, he’s also the face of Indiana Jones and the only president of the United States to kick actual butt while in office. Air Force One made me want to vote for the man. I can’t help but wonder what Solo would be doing at 70. Would he be sitting in the Millennium Falcon talking to Chewie about the glory days? Would be be surrounded by grandchildren with the Falcon sold years ago and replaced with space equivalent of a minivan?

I don’t think so. I like to think that Solo would still be out in the thick of it hauling illegal freight across the quadrant and ducking the little lady when she starts yelling at him for not being home. He wouldn’t keep the Falcon in first gear with the turn signal on the entire trip. He’d still be in debt to a Hut somewhere and finding ways to get into trouble.

Ford seems to be living the good life. He’s still as handsome as ever even if the hair has turned gray and making movies when it suites him. There was a lot of talk about him being too old for Indiana Jones, but he proved them wrong. It’s not his fault the movie sucked.

He’s married to Ally McBeal who looks amazing for 47. There may never be another Star Wars film with the original actors, but that doesn’t keep millions of Star Wars fans from wondering what ever happened to the Solo and Skywalker clan after the fall of the empire. You can find out about much of it from comics that have come out through the years, but I can’t get into it nearly as much because Han Solo can never be anyone else than Harrison Ford.

Happy Birthday Han, and let me know if you can still do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.