Josh Brolin Cast in Sean Penn’s Crazy For The Storm

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Sean Penn’s first directorial feature in 5 years, Crazy for the Storm is moving ahead at pace, with Josh Brolin confirmed to co-star. Penn is known to favour strong male leads for his films, and has yet to star in one himself, preferring to concentrate on the business of film making.

It is no surprise then that the double-Oscar winner has chosen an actor of Brolin’s stature to take on the role of the main character’s father and mentor.

The film is based on a book by Norman Ollestad, which recounts the events of a plane crash which killed his father. The film will be a survivalist drama, with the young Ollestad using the outdoor skills that his father had taught him in order to stay alive.

While both Penn and Brolin, who are co-starring in The Gangster Squad, have yet to officially sign on the dotted line, due to scheduling, the production is likely to start shooting in early 2013. Both actors also appeared together in Gus Van Sants excellent biopic of Harvey Milk.

Penn is slowly starting to garner a reputation as a formidable director, specializing in dramas in particular. He also has a tendency to cast heavy weight method actors, although his preference not to feature is not actually that unusual, with Robert Redford being a perfect example of a star often opting not to appear in his own pictures.

And, Josh Brolin’s career keeps going from strength to strength, after a barren period in the 1990s, it seems every film maker worth his salt wants to work with him.

Indeed, Brolin will join the production of Crazy for the Storm after completing filming on Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy in January.

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