Marvel May Be Working on a Namor Film


Is a Namor film on the way?

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Marvel Studios ramped up making new solo films for their ever expanding cinematic universe for phase 3. Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man are all going to, or have had, their solo debuts in the third movement of the MCU.

Now it looks like the studio is adding another new solo film to the mix. This rumor comes from a single tweet by Reel News Hawaii, who have revealed that there could be two competing, ocean-going superhero productions filming in the nation’s island state. Here’s the tweet:

We all know that the rights to different Marvel properties are spread out everywhere, and Namor was no different. It was held at Universal for a long time, until Marvel got their hands back on the property last June (many believe).

There is a fishy (pun!) aspect to this story, however. Marvel is already booked up until 2019 with film projects and several of them still haven’t gone before cameras. If Marvel is looking at a shooting location already that means the project is already pretty far along. We would have heard something about it by now.

So does that mean this story is bunk? Let’s not forget that that Reel News Hawaii was the one to break the news that Marvel’s Inhumans television series would be shooting on the island, so the source sounds pretty reputable to me.

However I have a far better theory on the Namor property.

We know that Aquaman is a film starring Jason Momoa, so that automatically gets the idea that a rival Namor project would also be a film. What if it’s a television series instead?

There is a secret Marvel television series that has been in development by Academy Award winner John Ridley since 2015. Just last month, both he and ABC entertainment division head Channing Dungey revealed that he is rewriting the screenplay, so we do know the project is still alive and well.

Another benefit for ABC making Namor is that it would make the episode count of Marvel’s Inhumans make way more sense. Network television is a funny thing, with TV series running a lot of episodes. But Inhumans will only have eight. If Namor is coming to ABC soon, then it could take on the same time slot as Inhumans, but in the winter or spring season, with an equal number of episodes. That gives both series together a total of 16 episodes. If they add a third limited series of similar length, that would be a full 24 episode season.

To me it sounds like ABC is playing with an idea that sounds a lot like what Marvel is doing over at Netflix. The MCU was a big winner on film and a big winner on the streaming service. My guess is that ABC is now trying to do the same on network TV, and perhaps have a huge event, a la The Defenders.

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