New Images From Pacific Rim: Uprising

pacific-rim-2By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Pacific Rim: Uprising has gone into production, and I’m still having a hard time believing it. Guillermo del Toro tried hard for years to get the sequel off the ground, which saw plenty fits and starts (and complete stops), and I can’t blame him for deciding to move on. He is still attached as a producer, however.

Steven S. DeKnight was then tapped to helm the project with the surprise casting of John Boyega as the son of Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris Elba in the first movie. Boyega has given us our first look at his character, Jake Pentecost, in the film via Twitter. Check it out in the tweet below!

It’s really hard to tell whether that is an image from Pacific Rim: Uprising, or a production painting. Either way, it looks like Boyega’s character makes his way to the now abandoned Shatterdome. At least that’s my take on it. This isn’t the first time the actor has released an image from the sequel. On his Instagram last month, he released a drawing of Gipsy Danger. Check it out below:


Does this mean we’ll get the Jaeger back, even though they dropped it into the breach and set off its nuclear reactor? Maybe. It is also likely we’ll only see it in images from the past, and that may be what we are looking at here (it does look like the shot from the beginning of Pacific Rim). DeKnight also recently released an image of a fence with a hole in it, marking a restricted area at the PPDC.


“Someone’s not paying attention to the warning signs… ” – Steven DeKnight

This image was released before Boyega’s tweeted image in the Shatterdome, but it’s easy to see how both of them could be related. The cut in the fence definitely looks man made with a blowtorch or something similar. It still leaves us with the question of why Jake is breaking into the Shatterdome in the first place. How much of his father’s mission has been made public? And if so, why hasn’t his adopted sister Mako told him anything about it?

Speaking of Mako Mori, it still hasn’t been confirmed whether Rinko Kikuchi is reprising the role in Pacific Rim: Uprising. We do know that Charlie Hunnam won’t be back as Raleigh, but an Instagram image from cinematographer Dan Mindel may have spilled the beans on who is coming back for the sequel from the first movie.

A picture of Mindel’s camera seems to have a list of actors in that particular scene. While the image has been pulled, this is the internet, and it was easy to find a copy.


Along with Kikuchi, the image seems to indicate that ‘mad scientists’ Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are also returning for Pacific Rim: Uprising. It also lists Karl Urban, but the actor has denied he is part of the film in a tweet. So if that is wrong, could the rest of the cast list be fake too? SciFied asked DeKnight via Twitter whether Kikuchi would be back, and he cryptically responded with:

Lastly, it’s been revealed that Eastwood is a Jaeger pilot in the film, via this Tweet:

Pacific Rim: Uprising will premiere in theaters on February 23rd, 2018.

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