New Trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising and The X-Files Season 11

pacific-rim-2-jaegersBy Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS)

A little late with this, apologies, but we have two new trailers from New York Comic Con 2017: Pacific Rim Uprising and The X-Files season 11!

Here’s the trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, which stars John Boyega:

Lots of money shots in the Pacific Rim Uprising trailer, as Boyega, who is playing Jake Pentecost (son of Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris Elba) leads a new generation of Jaegers in a battle against… Other jaegers? There’s an all-out war happening, and while the breach was closed at the end of the first Pacific Rim, there are still Kaiju, evolved ones who can combine into one massive Kaiju. So we’ll find out why they’re still attacking.

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what the plot is, and maybe that’s a good thing, considering trailers have been very spoilerish lately. Here’s a new poster:


Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 23, 2018 and is directed by Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil). I loved the first one, so I’m hoping for the best with the sequel!

As a long-time fan of The X-Files, going back to when it debuted in 1993, I was happy overall with The X-Files season 10, which aired in early 2016. We were wondering if and when season 11 would be announced, and we finally got it.

Here’s The X-Files season 11 trailer:

Den of Geek has some images, including this one:


Here’s what we know about the upcoming season 11 plot threads: There will be standalone, monster-of-the-week episodes with some X-Files mythology episodes thrown in. Scully is in bad shape after the cliffhanger at the end of season 10 (but judging from the trailer, she makes a recovery), and she wants Mulder to stop the end of the world at the hands of Cigarette Smoking Man. Could it also be their son, William? How does he tie into it?

Did I see one of The Lone Gunmen? Though they were killed in their spinoff series in the 1990s, they were actually alive in the season 10 comic book series, having faked their deaths. It’s just a quick shot, so we’ll see what happens. EW also says we’ll get a Skinner episode, giving some backstory on the character, and season 11 will end on another cliffhanger, so we’ll get another season. Let’s hope it’s not another 2 year wait.

The X-Files season 11 debuts sometime in early 2018.

So, two new trailers — what do you think of both?

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