NewTek and Wowza Launch MediaDS, the First Ever Global & Local Distribution Platform

mediads1By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

NewTek and Wowza have just unwrapped the MediaDS1, which is touted as the world’s first end-to-end, real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery system. Among the many features, the first generation MediaDS has the ability for content creators to launch multichannel distribution networks right from their own production sites, and deliver a live video stream directly to their viewers.

The system leverages Wowza’s streaming technologies and server network in order to use the hardware as a media server and realtime encoder. This allows the MediaDS to stream to external sources, which includes everything from Facebook Live and YouTube to Wowza CDB and Wowza Streaming cloud, as well as giving a production house the ability to create custom RTMP configurations. Here is what Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer for NewTek, said in a statement:

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for video producers to deliver content to their audience, whether that is within the walls of a building, across a campus or around the world. Our partnership with Wowza means that not only do you have a solution that can encode video, but MediaDS also allows you to distribute that content as well, either to local viewers or globally.”

Dave Stubenvoll, chief executive officer for Wowza Media Systems, added:

“The MediaDS is a powerful end-to-end solution for content producers, and it introduces new opportunities for distribution, expansion, and content monetization. By bringing together the best of NewTek production technologies and Wowza streaming technology in a single offering, we empower content creators with the ability to scale their productions and stream to any player, device, or audience anywhere in the world.”

On the hardware side, the MediaDS supports four multi-format SDI inputs at up to 3G 1080p, as well as Integrated NDI technology, which will support input and output over IP. All four inputs can be monitored by the system operator, who has access to full audio control and WFM and Vectorscope displays in order to perform color correction and audio level correction.

MediaDS is available today and will retail for $11,995 USD although international pricing may vary. To learn more about the MediaDS, visit Here are the major highlights of the system:

  1. Included video player for each channel provided by locally hosted web pages
  2. Support for external streaming to Facebook Live, Microsoft Azure, YouTube, Wowza CDN, Wowza Streaming Cloud and custom RTMP configurations
  3. Integrated NDI™ technology supporting live input and output over IP
  4. NewTek’s real-time video and audio production tools
  5. 4 SDI inputs supporting up to 3G 1080p
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