Pomfort Releases Silverstack Lab: The First Tool to Combine Data Management and Dailies Creation

SSTLab Default screenBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Audiences rarely have any idea what the filmmaking process looks like and tends to view it as magic. Production companies see it more as a logistical nightmare — and with good reason.

As filmmaking technology matures into the digital age the defining feature is the management of enormous amounts of data. Not only does the footage have to be securely backed up, but prepared for further usage throughout production.

It isn’t just the file sizes and the sheer amount of footage available, either. Data must be made available for instant review on set and in the further down the line in the production process for editorial and archiving. Silverstack Lab understands these requirements, and offers a solution to make the overall process of backing up and preparing footage more efficient, faster and easier, by enabling secure copy, audio syncing, look matching and transcoding in one tool. With this, data management and dailies creation become one integrated activity.

Silverstack Lab introduces a unique workflow that answers a common problem. Data management and dailies creation are both digital asset management activities with dailies creation heavily dependent upon well-handled management and preparation. Despite being very closely related, both activities are usually done separately in different software tools. Sometimes even by two different people in two different departments. They can even take place in two entirely different production steps, with data management being handled on set while the dailies are crafted in a post facility. The overall process ends up fragmented, complex, and ultimately leads to more problems during the workflow.

The big advantage of combining data management with dailies creation into one integrated activity is you can have just a single image technician who is responsible for footage and transcoded clips directly on set in one straightforward package. This creates a seamless workflow with fewer process interfaces and makes the potential for errors far less likely to crop up. Both activities become much faster, more intuitive, and far cheaper now that they can be done simultaneously directly on set.

These sorts of management tools and dailies creation applications aren’t entirely new but Silverstack Lab has fused both together into one simple on-set workflow. Here’s what Patrick Renner, Product Manager at Pomfort, said in a statement:

With Silverstack Lab we have pushed our expertise in on-set media asset management to the point where our customer’s productivity is not held back by technical and organizational inefficiencies. It is the central tool that connects clip, color, audio information which helps our customers to set up seamless workflows, and do great work together. With our latest product release, we’re continuing to demonstrate our ambition and capacity to provide the most professional and yet most intuitive software, that puts our demanding community of customers in a better position to optimize their production processes and achieve highest quality results.

Pomfort is a premiere up-and-coming company for information technology in professional film production. For over seven years, they’ve specialized in developing cost-effective, high-quality software products like LiveGrade and Silverstack which have received international recognition worldwide. Cinematographers, camera assistants, image technicians, and editors in more than 100 countries have trusted Pomfort’s Silverstack to maintain control over the organization of footage data, as well as depended on LiveGrade for the creation of camera looks.

To learn more about Pomfort Silverstack Lab check it out in the video above, or visit Pomfort’s product page here.

Here are the highlight features of Silverstack Lab:

  1. A high-speed transcoding engine that allows transcoding to all common file formats, including Avid DNxHD, Pro Res flavors and H.264.
  2. A fully automated audio sync function that enables the matching of video and audio based on time code information.
  3. An extended production library that tracks and logs all footage, audio, looks and transcoded clips in one place and allows for a central management of all digital assets.
  4. An advanced burn-in functionality to customize footage and prepare it for subsequent production steps (including time codes, watermarks and more).

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