Image Credit: Marques Brownlee

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When RED announced their new HYDROGEN ONE Android mobile device, we didn’t hear a lot of details except for the amazing holographic 4-view screen. And even then, we’ll have to wait next year to see the stunning view. But that’s not stopping RED from showing off the handset to notable users, including YouTube’s Marques Brownlee.

Brownlee has carved out for himself quite a niche in the tech YouTube realm, and he’s a serious influencer with nearly 5 million subscribers. So it makes sense that RED would want to give him a chance for a hands on with their new modular-style device.

And I have to say, I’m getting pretty darn excited for it. First off, HYDROGEN has a carbon fiber shell, making it incredibly robust and strong. And it has some pretty cool finger ridges on the side so that users will be able to keep a firm grip while using it.

HYDROGEN ONEThe 5.7-inch display has the now-famous 4-view holographic display, though RED insisted that Brownlee couldn’t show it, only his reaction to it. But that makes sense because you really wouldn’t be able to see what makes this screen unique the same way personally holding it does.

There’s no doubt RED wants the first video image of 4-view to be one that can ideally present the feeling, if not the look, so that everyone will understand just what makes it a game changer.


Image Credit: Marques Brownlee

On the back of the device, we also see a cool looking RED logo with a ruby gemstone inlaid into it. Below that, there are three rows of 44 pins total, used to connect to various modular accessories, including an external lens mount. This is the part of HYDROGEN I’m really excited about.

“A lot of it is still under development,” Brownlee added, “but it’ll be like Moto Mods on steroids.”

motorola-says-different-is-better-in-new-moto-z-with-moto-mods-tv-ad-509800-2The reference to “Moto Mods” is basically the Motorola Moto Z, which has various add on accessories. These include a Hasselblad optical zoom lens, game pad, sound boost JBL stereo speakers, a projector mod, and even a 360 degree camera. Each mod will expand the capability of the Moto Z beyond that of a regular mobile device.

Now take that same concept, and put it into the hands of RED’s engineers, crafting professional -grade external modular options that will only be rivaled from RED’s HELIUM and WEAPON camera platforms, but will also enable the device to work in concert with it. That’s the excitement of RED’s HYDROGEN ONE. It’s taking that modular mobile concept and turning it up to eleven, twelve, and beyond.

Director David Fincher and actor Brad Pitt Oogle the Hydrogen Holographic Display. Image credit - Jarred Land on Facebook

Image credit: Jarred Land on Facebook

Brownlee says that RED’s Jim Jannard told him that we will see a more refined design within the next 30 to 45 days. And who knows, maybe by then we’ll be able to feast our eyes on just what the idea of this 4-way view will truly be, beyond the gobsmacked looks of Brownlee, director David Fincher, and actor Brad Pitt (see above). Though even then, I’m sure it’ll only be the faintest notion of what it is, but it’ll be enough to make us salivate for more when it comes out early next year.

Meanwhile, Brownlee’s YouTube video above will have to suffice. You can check out more on the HYDROGEN at RED’s site.

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