Matrix Reboot Getting A Writers Room; What The Film Universe Could Look Like

Image: Danny F. Santos

Image: Danny F. Santos

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

On the heels of news that Warner Bros. is looking to reboot the Matrix film franchise comes a rumor that the studio is likely to put together a writers’ room. The goal of that would be to figure out the best possible way to relaunch the series.

Deadline first reported on the rumor.

Of course, no one actually knows what the reboot will be like — if it ever even happens — but something can be gleaned from this piece of news. I’d bet that the Wachowskis will not be involved outside of blessing the project, as they tend to be very protective of the material they create. The only way they would be creatively involved is if they head the writers’ room. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea, considering The Animatrix anthology was far better than the film sequels back in 2003.

The other thing is because the studio is looking at setting up a writers’ room, it seems that my hunch they would be making a Matrix Universe of films might be spot on. If you think about it, The Matrix was basically a superhero origin story, and superhero universes are all the rage these days.

So What Would a Matrix Film Universe Look Like?

Yes, I’m totally naming it the MFU, in honor of the original’s R-rating. Having said that, I can see the rating of the film universe to go PG-13, although the success of Logan and Deadpool make a case for an R rating.

The Animatrix is probably a good starting point that shows all kinds of ideas and storylines that could be mined. Matrix: Reloaded introduced some interesting unexplored concepts like supernatural creatures and other glitches in the matrix. Plus I’ve always been fascinated by programs like Seraph, who decide to hide in the Matrix.

If WB keeps the current trilogy in the continuity, I could see them doing what Lucasfilm did with Star Wars and creating a new trilogy that picks up years after the first one ended. They could then create anthology films to fill in the release schedule gaps, which could be anything from a Morpheus prequel, to the story of one of the previous The Ones from an earlier iteration of the matrix.

Or they could do something more ambitious and reboot the whole thing from scratch. How about a more Marvel Studios-style series of films? Have something like three or four groups of characters to follow who eventually come together in an Avengers-style film in order to find “The One.” Why not have an overarching story about what happens if Zion falls, and the remaining crews of the fleet need to establish a new home? Quite honestly, there’s a lot more to explore if they dump the whole cyclical nature idea of the sequels.

I know some people won’t be on board with a complete reboot, but I think the promise of the first film was never realized. So much was hinted and so little was delivered. It will be a tough sell, but with enough good writers and a cast worthy of the originals, they could really knock a new Matrix out of the park.

Stay tuned.

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