To Israel With Love?

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Woody Allen has often been accused of making the same film over and over again. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Films such as Stardust Memories, Zelig and Shadows and Fog prove that Allen has always been eclectic and experimental with regards to the style and tone of his work. In fact, the only constant seemed to be the location.

However, that all changed back in 2005, when Allen shot Match Point in London, after struggling to finance the film in his native New York.

And, the director continued his travels filming further projects in London, Barcelona, Paris and Rome. In fact, filming in Europe was one of the best decisions that Allen ever made, not only picking up critical and commercial success along the way but also winning his fourth Oscar for Midnight in Paris, which is the biggest box office hit of his career so far.

But while his next film, which is still untitled, will take place back in New York, Allen is in talks about shooting a future project in Israel. It has been revealed that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat met with both Woody Allen and actress Diane Keaton in a Manhattan restaurant about the possibility of shooting in the city.

A spokesman for Barkat substantiated this by saying: “Allen replied that he would seriously consider it. Barkat plans to meet with Allen again during his next visit to the U.S.”

Along with Jerusalem, apparently Tel Aviv are very much interested in attracting the filmmaker as well. Indeed, Allen confirmed the news through a representative by saying that although he has a number of projects in development, shooting in Israel is “certainly a possibility”.

This would not only be one of Allen’s most adventurous projects yet, but would also mark his first collaboration with Keaton since Manhattan Murder Mystery in 1993. Here’s to hoping Woody is making films until he’s 100!

Source: Haaretz

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