Toby Jones Introduced in the Sherlock ‘The Lying Detective’ Trailer

sherlock-season-4-featured-10262016By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Sherlock has always played loose with the stories from the actual source material. For example, the first episode of the fourth season ‘The Six Thatchers’ is based on the short story ‘The Adventure of the Six Napoleons,’ where six busts of a prominent political figure are being mysteriously smashed. The story includes the basic elements of the short story, with the smashing of the busts and the black pearl of the Borgias but the story has been significantly altered.

The next episode of Sherlock ‘The Lying Detective’ is based on the story of ‘The Adventure of the Dying Detective’ and introduces Toby Jones as Dr. Culverton Smith. You can check out the very brief trailer for the episode here:

Just like ‘The Six Thatchers’ there’s enough here to guess that some of the plot points from ‘The Adventure of the Dying Detective’ are at play here. I won’t say which ones so as not to spoil any surprise the episode may have. I do have to wonder if some part of the short story is what brings Watson back into the fold, since the character is extremely angry at Sherlock (as well as himself) after the events of the previous episode.

Nothing in this trailer seems to hint at the “Miss Me?” plot line which features a posthumous Moriarity enacting a final plan. I did wonder if they would tackle that in the first episode of season four, but it looks like it won’t rear its head until the season finale, but I expect it will kick off in the final moments of this episode.

That finale is named ‘The Final Problem,’ which is based on the short story of the same nam,e and dealt with Sherlock’s supposed death at the Reichenbach Falls. However, we’ve already seen that event happen in the second season finale ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. I can only assume that ‘The Final Problem’ will be an investigation as to the events of that previous episode or that the rumors of Sherrinford Holmes turns out to be true.

Sherlock season four, episode two ‘The Lying Detective’ will premiere on PBS on Sunday, January 8th, 2017 at 9pm ET. Here’s the official synopsis for the episode:

In episode two Sherlock, Season 4, Sherlock faces perhaps the most chilling enemy of his long career: the powerful and seemingly unassailable Culverton Smith, a man with a very dark secret indeed.

“The Lying Detective” is written by Steven Moffat. Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper and Toby Jones as Culverton Smith.

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