Trailer For The Last Stand Falls Flat

The Last Stand poster (click for larger)

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

When I first heard about The Last Stand, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first lead role in almost ten years, I had high hopes. (Watch the trailer here.)

The film had, on the face of it, a good story. There is no doubt that Arnie can still sell a movie, as he still one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. And, in The Last Stand, he has taken a role that reflects his age, a vulnerable small town Sheriff who has to defend his community from a drug over lord and his cartel, who are racing towards the Mexican border. Again, this certainly doesn’t sound like your average action flick.

It is also directed by Kim Jee-woon, whose stylish The Good, The Bad, The Weird brought him to the attention of Hollywood. Jee-woon seems like a far more promising choice than some action hack who specialises in stunts but didn’t get his high school diploma.

Unfortunately, the newly released trailer showed a rather safe, conventional-looking film, with lots of generic rough and tumble, with occasional jokes about Arnie’s age, and that’s about it. Also, Jackass’s Johnny Knoxville has been cast as the comic relief, even though there is an established consensus that, despite being a watchable reality TV presence, he is not a screen actor of any kind of substance. (Editor’s note: He’s annoying in his stupid hat and idiotic grin.)

Indeed, the film’s scheduled release in January has raised eyebrows, as the start of the year is often used by studios as a good way to bury bad rubbish.

I am more disappointed in Jee-woon. This was a big opportunity for the director to build a fantastic, ballsy movie around the star power of Schwarzenegger, just like James Cameron used to do. Of course, it is wrong to be so pessimistic about a movie that hasn’t even been released yet, but from the look of the trailer, it does not look good. (Editor’s note: Plus, the official plot summary and poster feature the new Chevrolet sports cars, including a Corvette Z1, which leads me to believe it’s one big, feature-length Chevy commercial.)

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