Wes Anderson Wants Johnny Depp

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Wes Anderson has apparently approached Johnny Depp about appearing in his next film, which is still untitled, but will apparently be a Murder She Wrote style mystery shot in Europe.

Of course, Anderson is firmly an art house filmmaker, making the kind of films that Depp used to appear in.

Johnny Depp’s initial flirtation with mainstream Hollywood has turned into a full-blown romance, which has also coincided with a rather rocky patch in his serious film making career.

And, it seems long term collaborator Tim Burton has had the same differences, irreconcilable or otherwise, with quality filmmaking.

Remember when the two of them used to make original movies like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood? Well, that was some 20-years ago.

Burton’s slide towards the mainstream came around the late 1990s when he started making family-friendly fantasies. I’m not saying his films aren’t good. but they lack edge and real originality that makes movie fans sit up and take notice.

Both Depp and Burton have lost that. They have become self indulgent, diluted parodies of themselves and looking at the box office receipts for Dark Shadows, audiences agree.

And, because of this underwhelming business, Warner Bros. have all but shelved plans for a remake of The Thin Man, which has a reported budget of around $100 million, leaving the door open for Depp to work with Wes Anderson.

Anderson has also approached Jude Law and Angela Lansbury about co-starring in the film, as well as his usual gang of collaborators such as Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe.

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