Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 58: 3-Point Edits

In Point in the Timeline

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) 3-point edits are the most common type of edits in Premiere Pro. However, even with these standard edits, there are helpful variations to learn. So what is a 3-point edit? First, it requires you to have selected 3 points. The first 2 points are usually the In … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 50: Send Audio To Audition, Pt 2


By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) Here is part 2 of my Premiere Pro tutorial on sending audio to Audition. The second way to do so is more advanced as it will send all the audio in your sequence to Audition, and allow you to work in a non-destructive way in the ‘Multitrack Editor,’ which allows … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 49: Send Audio To Audition, Pt 1


By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) With the audio tools in Premiere Pro CC 2017 being so much better than before, you may be excused for wondering why you may still want to send your audio to Audition rather than doing it all in Premiere Pro. Well, the simple answer is that while Premiere Pro’s tools … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 48: Adaptive Noise Reduction, Pt 3

Adobe Premiere Pro

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) I conclude my Premiere Pro tutorial on Adaptive Noise Reduction with the final three controls. Here is part 1 and part 2. Last Three Controls Spectral Decay Rate is an important slider in Premiere Pro, as it can have a dramatic effect on your audio. If you … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 46: Adaptive Noise Reduction, Pt 1

Preset Options

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) In this Premiere Pro tutorial, I begin a short series on Adaptive Noise Reduction. Adaptive Noise Reduction Effect in Premiere Pro This is an advanced noise reduction effect that attempts to look at the whole signal with all its complexity, and form a noise … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 44: Tube-modeled Compressor, Pt. 4

Threshold at -18

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) It's time to wrap up this four-part series on the Premiere Pro Tube-modeled Compressor. I'll discuss the manipulating the Attack level. The last part of this effect to discuss is the ‘Attack’ level which is the speed at which the compressor starts to work, … [Read more...]

Premiere Pro Tutorial Part 41: Tube-modeled Compressor, Pt 1

Tube-Modeled Compressor UI

By Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS) In this Premiere Pro tutorial, I will begin a series on the Tube-modeled Compressor. Rectified Audio in the Premiere Pro Timeline The first thing you will notice inside of Premiere Pro is that the audio only shows the top half of the waveform. This is called … [Read more...]

Apple Updates Logic Pro X, Introduces Alchemy Software


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Apple has updated Logic Pro X to include a ton of new features including the eagerly awaited Alchemy software sythesizer, which promises to give musicians and audio engineers some really cool new synths that are not only ground breaking, but also old school as well. … [Read more...]

Apple Updates Logic Pro X to Harness the Mac Pro’s New Power


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) With up to 12-cores, 24-processing threads, and Dual-AMD FirePro GPUs, Apple's new Mac Pro is an editing beast. And Apple has finally updated their Logic Pro X Software in order to harness all that horse power. … [Read more...]

Sony Creative Software’s Audio Master Suite – By the Numbers

Audio Master Suite

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Sony Creative Software released its Audio Master Suite, with Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2. Let's see if it's worth the price. Sony Creative Software recently released new versions of some of its audio software. Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers … [Read more...]

Sony Updates Sound Forge Pro and SpectraLayers Pro

spectralayers sound forge pro 11

Sony Creative Software announced they have updated two of their audio products – Sound Forge Pro and SpectraLayers Pro. Sound Forge Pro 11 is for the Windows market, while SpectraLayers Pro 2 is available for both Windows and Mac-based audio workstations. For more on SpectraLayers Pro, take a … [Read more...]

Apple Launches Logic Pro X with iPad Support


Looks kinda like a professional version of Garage Band By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) Today, Apple announced Logic Pro X that not only enables iPad support, but also pack in many of the fun features of its consumer grade Garage Band that promises to give professionals far more flexibility to … [Read more...]