Friday’s Funny: Honest Trailers – Logan


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) With Logan now available on video and digital download, our friends at Screen Junkies do an Honest Trailer for Hugh Jackman's swan song of the character who launched his career. And that's Friday's Funny Feature this week. Have a great … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Aliens Edition

nuthin but an alien

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) With Alien: Covenant opening, it's perfectly appropriate to post up some hilarious Aliens videos for Friday's Funny Feature. Have a great weekend! First up is Nuthin' But An Alien, a musical parody from our friends a … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny – Star Wars: The Last Jedi 8-Bit Trailer


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Star Wars: The Last Jedi may still be a good 7 months from release, but that hasn't stopped the hype machine! Last month at Celebration, director Rian Johnson and his team released the first trailer, and we all went crazy. And now we have an 8-Bit trailer (from John … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: The Cure For Gear Acquisition Syndrome

cure your gas

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) You may be like me when I was just starting out years ago, and suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS for short. In the late 90s to early 2000s, I was convinced my digital film and video career would be better if I had more and better camera, lighting, and … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: The Silence of the Lambs, The Romantic Comedy


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) I love trailer recuts! Back in the mid-2000s, 'neochosen' recut The Shining trailer into a fun family film, with all the movie trailer cliches from the 80s and 90s. And now, our friends at CineFix have recut The Silence of the Lambs trailer into a romantic comedy. … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: How Logan Should Have Ended

How Logan Should Have Ended

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Logan is the last time Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine on film (unless something changes), and the film was very well received by critics and fans. So it's only fitting our friends at HISHE would take a crack with How Logan Should Have Ended, which is this week's … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Honest Trailers – The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) With The Fate of the Furious opening in a week, it's only appropriate Friday's Funny Feature is 'Honest Trailers - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.' Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny – How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended

How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) With Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast still dominating, I present to you, "How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended" (1991) from our friends at HISHE. It's a perfect Friday Funny Feature; have a great … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Vertical Video Syndrome


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Ah, the iPhone... so many videos and movies are now being shot vertically instead of horizontally, because it's just easier to hold your Apple mobile device that way. I've done it, my friends have done it, many of us love to just shoot our videos vertically. This … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Budget St. Paddy’s Day Tips


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) It's Friday and it's St. Patrick's Day!! For Friday's Funny this week, I feel it's appropriate to share Bill Tull's Budget St. Paddy's Day Tips from Team Coco. Have fun, be safe and call a cab or Uber! Have a great … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny – How Rogue One Should Have Ended


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Rogue One was a lot of fun, and a big hit for Lucasfilm and Disney. But of course, being that it's Friday and we have a Funny Feature for you, we present to you, How Rogue One Should Have Ended. Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Dog Wick


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) The consensus is John Wick: Chapter 2 is as good or better than the first, which our own Danny F. Santos loved, and it's turning into a box office hit. So naturally, our friends at RocketJump have made the hilarious Dog Wick. John Wick's dog seeks revenge! Have a … [Read more...]

Honest Trailers: Suicide Squad


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Happy New Year! Well, Suicide Squad was a bit of a debacle for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. After a lot of hype, the movie was a bit of a dud, even if it did make a lot of money. In fact, our own Danny F. Santos put it on his list of the five worst movies of 2016. … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny Feature – Megadeth’s Holiday Album With Jenny Lewis


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) We ran this last year, but it's so funny, I decided it needed to come back. Famous thrash-metal band Megadeth have released a Holiday album, just in time for Christmas! And it features singer/actress Jenny Lewis. Merry Christmas and enjoy your weekend! … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: Star Wars Edition


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS With Rogue One opening, for Friday's Funny Feature, I figured it would be appropriate to include some hilarious Star Wars videos, including an Honest Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back; an Alternate How It Should Have Ended for The Force Awakens; and IGN's The … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended


Update: With the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer dropping, I thought it would be a good reminder why Marvel and Sony rebooted the Andrew Garfield films. By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) It seems a lot of fans and critics weren't happy with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and even star Andrew Garfield … [Read more...]