Guy Ritchie to Direct Live Action Aladdin for Disney


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Disney has been remaking every single one of its famous animated films as a live-action adaptation to the point that I feel like it is all they're making these days. They go as far as to remake The Lion King which will probably just end up being a completely … [Read more...]

Guillermo del Toro Adapting Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

scary stories to tell in the dark

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Guillermo del Toro is developing a film adaptation of one of the America's most terrifying children’s books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. According to THR, the Pans Labyrinth director may also helm the project for CBS films. The Oscar nominated filmmaker … [Read more...]

Looking For Great Screenwriting Resources? Check out John August’s Site


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Looking for a good resource on screenwriting? John August is a screenwriter who’s best known for working with Tim Burton on Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Frankenweenie. He was also the screenwriter for Go and directed The Nines with Ryan … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Projects We Love: Writer Emergency Pack, From John August


Writer Emergency Pack Offers Help to Get Past Blocks By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) When I first saw the Writer Emergency Pack on Kickstarter, I was skeptical. It just seemed a bit too game-like, as if you picked these up at a book store or comic book shop, and used them to play a literary … [Read more...]

Review: Slugline Screenwriting Software for Mac

slugline app macbook pro

Review By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Slugline is a simple and affordable screenwriting software app for Macs that’s very easy-to-use, isn’t bloated with too many features and essentially gets out of your way so you can write your screenplay, while still focusing on formatting it correctly. … [Read more...]