Warner Bros. Wants Mel Gibson to Direct Suicide Squad 2

I'm just as surprised as you are about this, Mel.

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Make no mistake, despite all the money the DCEU is making for Warner Bros. the shared universe is in trouble. The film slate keeps changing, directors keep dropping away like flies, and the rumors — my god, so many rumors! One of the ways they seem to be … [Read more...]

Honest Trailers: Suicide Squad


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) Happy New Year! Well, Suicide Squad was a bit of a debacle for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. After a lot of hype, the movie was a bit of a dud, even if it did make a lot of money. In fact, our own Danny F. Santos put it on his list of the five worst movies of 2016. … [Read more...]

Ben Affleck Claims The Batman Has ‘No Script,’ And Won’t Direct Unless It’s ‘Great’


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Ben Affleck has revealed The Batman still has “no script” and that he won't direct the picture if the screenplay isn't “really great.” The Oscar winning director is scheduled to helm the first standalone Dark Knight movie since Christopher Nolan's seminal … [Read more...]

The 5 Worst Films of 2016


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) When I think back on it, 2016 felt like a year filled with awful movie after awful movie. But when I went through most of my notes, I realized that there were only a few terrible movies, but a lot of mediocre ones. (Here's my 5 favorite films of 2016.) As much … [Read more...]

Will Smith Could Return as Deadshot in Gotham City Sirens


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Recently it was announced that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn spinoff from Suicide Squad is in fact Gotham City Sirens. More than that, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have hired Suicide Squad director David Ayer to helm the project. All we know for sure about … [Read more...]

David Ayer to Direct Harley Quinn Spinoff, Other Villain Films In Works


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) It seems that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are tripling down on their DC villains as part of the DC Extended Universe films. Specifically for the Margot Robbie/ Harley Quinn-led all female spinoff film, Gotham City Sirens. We've known that Warners was … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny: How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) While many critics didn't much care for Suicide Squad (read our review here), audiences loved it to the box office tune of $745 million-plus worldwide. But many agree the first part of the movie is best, the ending is weakest, and Jared Leto agrees with everyone … [Read more...]

Man Of Steel 2 In Development: Henry Cavill’s Agent


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Henry Cavill will star in Man of Steel 2, according to his agent. The British actor's manager Dany Garcia told Newsweek that Man of Steel 2 is in development at Warner Bros. following the commercial success of Batman V Superman. She said: “Henry has a big … [Read more...]

Gross Talk: Summer’s 2016 Movie Budgets Vs. Box Office


By Kimberly Gadette (doddleNEWS) Like the medal-laden Olympian Michael Phelps, Disney's Finding Dory took the gold in this summer's race to #1, accruing $478.5 million in the domestic box office. However, 2016's summer (summer being defined as the first Friday in May through the Labor Day weekend), … [Read more...]

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Will Reportedly Appear In The Flash Movie

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League (2017, WB)

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Cyborg will reportedly have a leading role in The Flash standalone movie. Both characters popped up in brief cameos in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman and will have more substantial roles in the upcoming Justice League movie, which will hit screens next … [Read more...]

Joker Jared Leto Feels He Was Tricked Into Suicide Squad


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Suicide Squad may be a box office hit opening weekend, but it was a critical misfire, and even some fans of the film have taken issue with Jared Leto's performance. After his method-acting antics on set, most viewers had the same reaction to his incarnation of the … [Read more...]

Is Wonder Woman In Trouble? Director Patty Jenkins Discusses


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Director Patty Jenkins has slammed 'false' claims that Wonder Woman is a 'mess,' following a leaked letter from an alleged former employee of Warner Bros. The letter, which criticizes studio CEO Kevin Tsujihara for his handling of blockbuster films, particularly the … [Read more...]

Suicide Squad Thaws Frosty 2016 Summer Box Office


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Suicide Squad may just have saved the 2016 summer box office having earned a phenomenal $267 worldwide on its debut. Despite the atrocious reviews (26% on Rotten Tomatoes), David Ayer's blockbuster took a record-breaking $135 million in North America – which is the … [Read more...]

Friday’s Funny – Suicide Squad LEGO


By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS) The next film in the DCEU, Suicide Squad, opens today! Reviews haven't been kind, and you can read ours here, but the one thing we can all agree on is how cool this LEGO version of a recent TV spot is (from ForrestFire Films, hat tip: Screen Rant). Have a great … [Read more...]

Suicide Squad’s Problems: Studio Interference?


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) The critical mauling that David Ayer's Suicide Squad is suffering has been blamed on studio interference. It currently sits at 28% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. THR reports that the blockbuster's 'choppy editing,' which is cited as one of the film's major … [Read more...]

August Movie Preview: Suicide Squad, Sausage Party, Pete’s Dragon


By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Summer 2016 has hardly been vintage and has seen already witnesses some embarrassing failures, both critically and commercially. August sees the usual mix of family friendly features, superhero movies and remakes bidding for box office supremacy. But will audiences … [Read more...]